Bluetooth Has Got a Lot More Use Cases Than You Know!

Bluetooth Has Got a Lot More Use Cases Than You Know!

We will introduce various use cases that utilize Bluetooth.

Smart Building / Smart Home

With a wireless communication network including Bluetooth, various things in the building can be connected and the building automation system can be promoted. By comprehensively managing air conditioning equipment, electrical equipment, water supply, and drainage sanitation equipment, disaster prevention/crime prevention equipment, and mechanical equipment, it is possible to realize a comfortable indoor environment, energy-saving, and enhanced security.

Mobile Payment

If you use Bluetooth, you can make a “walk-through payment” where payment is completed just by passing in front of the POS cash register. You don’t have to hold your smartphone over the payment device or wait for the cashier’s turn, so you can make smooth and efficient payments.

Medical Services

Bluetooth, which has less impact on medical devices than other wireless communication radio waves, also plays an important role in the construction of smart hospitals.

The most expected thing is to grasp the location information of medical staff, patients, and medical equipment. It will lead to prompt medical treatment in an emergency and prevention of accidents where the patient is unknown.

In addition, if the patient wears a wearable device with a sensor, the heart rate and blood pressure can be checked in real-time, and the speed of response to abnormalities can be improved.

Educational Services

In the field of programming learning, Bluetooth-equipped robots and microcomputer boards are on sale. The feature is that you can easily operate it by downloading the dedicated application to your smartphone or tablet. In addition to electronic work for IoT, it has recently been used for programming education for children.

Agriculture / Livestock Industry

Collecting and analyzing data such as temperature, soil moisture content, and chlorophyll value using a beacon with a sensor will lead to more efficient farming and higher yields. It is also possible to predict and maintain equipment such as water supply tanks and agricultural/dairy equipment.

In the livestock industry, wearable devices can also be used to track livestock for reproductive control and disease sign detection.

Retail Business

Beacons can be installed in shopping malls and shopping districts to improve the customer experience and engagement.

The store can send various information such as floor guides, sale information, and store visit points through the beacon. In addition, it will be easier to personalize the service, such as narrowing down the campaign information to repeaters.

By combining beacons that acquire the location information of customers and products in the store with technologies such as AI, it is possible to realize an unmanned payment store. In that case, the mobile payment mentioned above will also be an indispensable element.


Beacons can be installed at tourist spots and accommodations to promote smart tourism.

Beacons can be used to display tourist guide maps, guide customers to EC sites for specialty products, and make hotel reservations. It is also possible to guide tourists safely and comfortably because it is possible to send information on the congestion level and vacancy of the area.

As inbound measures, it is possible to develop signage in multiple languages ​​and introduce manners with videos.

Public Transport

By installing beacons at bus stops and stations, you can send timetables, route guidance, vehicle approach information, and congestion status. In addition, walk-through type fare settlement will be realized in the same way as an unmanned settlement store.

By accumulating data such as congestion rate and stop frequency, it can be useful for future safety management and traffic planning.

Automotive Industry

One that is already popular is the smart entry function that utilizes BLE. It can be locked/unlocked and the engine can be started with a virtual key, so it will be a key technology in the car-sharing market, which is expected to expand in the future.

In addition, if the condition of the driver/vehicle is detected by the sensor, it is possible to warn of the risk of an accident from the health condition and to lead to predictive maintenance such as remote maintenance.

Crime Prevention / Disaster Prevention

If a beacon is attached to equipment such as emergency telephones and AEDs, it will be easier to find even in an emergency, and a quick response will be possible. Also, if the beacon can provide detailed location information, it will be useful when making a report.

In recent years, beacons have also been used to monitor children, the elderly, and pets. This is a service that tracks location information by allowing users to carry beacons and receive the radio waves from receivers installed in local stores and facilities.

Recently, Bluetooth is also used to detect contact with people infected with the new coronavirus. 

Countries that use Bluetooth as a contact method include India, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan.

Smart City

By incorporating the various mechanisms described above into the city, smart cities can be realized by improving the efficiency of administrative operations, saving energy, making effective use of resources and budgets, and improving the convenience of public transportation. In addition, by analyzing the acquired data, it will be possible to support policy proposals, decisions, and realization.

Summary: Bluetooth That Supports DX Promotion

By building a network in combination with a high-speed mobile communication system such as 5G, Bluetooth will support IoT and become the basis for DX promotion. Please use it for new service development by referring to the features and use cases unique to Bluetooth.

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