Call function Added? Gmail Seems To Be More Than Just An “Email Service”

Call function Added? Gmail Seems To Be More Than Just An “Email Service”

I can’t remember when it was an invitation system.

The business tool “G Suite” that summarizes various services of Google has recently been rebranded and reborn as “Google Workspace.” As part of this service app, Google seems to add calling capabilities to Gmail’s mobile app.

Gmail’s call function is Internet phone (VoIP), so it’s easy to imagine LINE’s voice call. It means you can “call” someone who knows your Gmail account.

I’m scared if a business phone suddenly flies.

I’m sorry for “Wow, that’s convenient!” Gmail was released in 2004. It was 17 years ago. If you use it for a long time, the number of people who know your account (email address) is considerable. As you can see from the fact that there is a business package called Google Workspace, I think that many people use it as a business tool as well as private. I believe there is a possibility that many people will call me … That isn’t very pleasant…. The horror of retrofitting features for mega services.

Work at home has advanced worldwide due to the corona pandemic. It’s good that I don’t have to commute to work, but I also have a problem that I can’t draw a good line between work and private life. As a result, I can always get in touch and work for a long time. When I receive a call via Gmail, it seems that this will spur me in the wrong direction, which is scary.

I wonder if Gmail’s calling function is aware of Microsoft’s Outlook communication hub role (collectively managing contacts, calendars, email management, and meeting schedules). Gmail is also planning to launch a new interface with four tabs that summarize mail/chat / Spaces / Meet functions.


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