Get Your Pet The Perfect Dog Bed

Get Your Pet The Perfect Dog Bed

Your pet dog is going to outgrow its current space and you’ll need a new bed for it. You could also just want to help it transition from your bed to its own special space. Whichever option means you will probably be on the lookout for a new dog bed. However, there isn’t much information on dog beds and owners have to do a lot of guesswork to figure out a good dog bed. Well, worry no more. This guide will show you the most important factors to consider as you make your choice.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed

It is important to ensure you take some time to choose the right bed. Not all dog beds are the same as some are designed for bigger, heavier dogs, and other designed for much smaller dogs. You also need dog beds that won’t require too much extra effort to clean or assemble. Consider these factors to ensure you make the best choice:

Your Dog’s Size

As you have already seen, your dog is not the same size as others and will also probably outgrow its current size. This means you should measure your dog, and based on its breed, be able to determine how much it will probably grow in the next few months or year. Once you have your dog’s measurement; from tail to snout, you should add 6 inches and this will give a rough estimate for the dog size you need.

Your Pet’s Personality

All pets have a personality and this will guide you on what bed it will be most comfortable in. Some dogs are lazy and like to sleep around. If your dog is like this, you’ll notice that it rarely moves around and will prefer a very cozy, fluffy bed for its sleep. Others are jumpy and like to toss things around playfully. You don’t need a lot of beddings for such a dog and a simple mattress with a cover would suffice.

Choice of Beddings Matter

Dogs have preference in color and texture, and these matters because these two factors affect your pet’s comfort a lot. Choose a warm colour that is easy to clean and textures that won’t affect the dog’s fur or comfort.

Evaluate Your Dog’s Sleeping Position

Some dogs like to stretch, whereas others simply smuggle. Every dog loves comfort and some will burrow as it tries to find enough snuggle room to sleep. Whichever your dog’s style is, you should choose and arrange its bed and beddings accordingly. For burrowers, ensure you give it enough beddings to enable it burrow down instead of it burrowing through the mattress.

Getting the right mattress is important, and ensure it is waterproof, easily washable and easy to clean. Your pet should be able to enjoy staying in its bed any time of the day and therefore, getting a bed that is easily movable and not easily affected by direct sunlight or rain would be ideal.

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