How To Activate The New PDF Reader Built Into Chrome

How To Activate The New PDF Reader Built Into Chrome

Among the novelties of Google Chrome 87 for Mac and PC, a new PDF document reader. Features of the new reader include support for thumbnail view, annotation view, a page zoom controller, a “Fit to page” button, and document rotation.

The new feature allows you to take advantage of a PDF viewer with functionality similar to those possible with the competing browser, Firefox, which integrates a viewer considered the reference standard among those integrated into browsers.

The new player is not yet active by default in Chrome but those who want to try it can do it now. Just open Chrome and on the address page, write:

chrome: // flags / # pdf-viewer-update

A window appears with experimental functions that you can activate. To the right of the “PDF Viewer Update” section just select “Enabled” and relaunch Chrome by pressing the “Relaunch” button.

Opening a PDF document directly in the browser will appear with the new features. Among the novelties immediately visible, the display of previews or the structure of the document: the scroll button on the far left allows the opening of a sidebar in which previews of document pages appear. 

You can use the up or down arrows to move through the document or enter the number of the page you want to view. There is also the possibility to increase or decrease the zoom of the document (with the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the zoom or choose a zoom size from the dedicated field). 

There is a “Download” button (to save the file to your computer and open it with an external PDF viewer), print, choose the two-page view, and show annotations.

As mentioned, a PDF viewer is included in Firefox for reading these files within the browser window, which can be used to view almost any PDF file in the browser without the need to install an external application. Some PDF files have interactive fields for entering data (such as in forms). 

Using Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer, you can fill in fields such as text, checkboxes, and radio buttons. After entering the data in these fields, you can download the file to save the compiled version on your computer. Microsoft is also working on specific innovations for viewing PDFs in its Edge browser.

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