Three Reasons Why “Site Speed” Is Important In Online Shops

Three Reasons Why “Site Speed” Is Important In Online Shops

Site speed is important for e-commerce. It has a direct impact on conversion rates, repeat purchases, and search engine rankings. In the 2021 year 5 of May Google by ranking updates, site speed is a more important competitive advantage will be to exert.

Let’s see why site speed is important and how it occupies a major position in Google search, and how to increase site speed.

Why Is Site Speed Important?


Fast-moving websites tend to have low bounce rates and high conversion rates. According to Google, improving site speed by 1 second can increase mobile conversions by up to 27%. Since 70% of shoppers are via mobile, it’s clear that site speed has a huge impact on revenue.

A 1-second improvement in site speed can increase mobile conversions by up to 27%.

Loyalty (repeat purchase)

” Repeat purchases by existing customers is cheaper compared to acquiring new customers ” because I think it would be a familiar story. Site speed plays a big role in this regard. In fact, according to Skilled, 79% of shoppers who are “dissatisfied” with the speed of the site hesitate to make repeat purchases at their online shop. In other words, the faster the site, the easier it is to encourage repeat purchases.

Google Search Ranking

Higher rankings on search engines such as Google will help your business reach more potential customers. 2021 years 1 in the January time of the world’s market share of 92.47% is holding the, is the most popular search engine Google, the search results using site speed as a ranking factor has been. Starting in May 2021, faster sites will be ranked even higher on Google, making it easier for new customers to discover.

Site speed And Google Search Ranking Updates

The mission of Google Search is to help users discover the most relevant and quality sites on the web. That’s why we use a ranking system to sort out the billions of web pages that users are looking for.

Starting May 2021, faster sites will be ranked higher in Google Search.

Google Search Rankings will introduce a new page experience signal in May 2021. This signal combines Core Web Vitals with existing search signals to measure a user’s perception of a web page. It’s about measuring how fast your users are feeling your site.

Core web vitals are user experience-based metrics that help users recognize pages quickly.

Load times are measured by Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). This metric tells your users that your site is useful by measuring how long the main content of your page loads.

Interactivity is measured by the First Input Delay (FID). This metric tells you if your site is easy to use by measuring the time it takes for your browser to respond after the user first takes an action (such as clicking a text link or tapping a button).

Visual stability is measured by Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). This metric helps provide the best experience for users by measuring how prone to unexpected layout collapse.

How will these contents affect your business? Improving the speed of your site will increase your Google search rank and, as a result, reach more potential customers.

How To Speed Up Your Site

Online shops created with Shopify are already fast by default due to their fast global network and light image files. That said, every time you add a new feature to your store (for example, video, rich media, live chat, customer reviews, etc.), your site may slow down and your Google search rankings may drop.

We recommend that you perform a speed verification of your site before updating the Google Search Ranking Signal in May 2021. 

Google because ranking is important in the acquisition of new customers, 2021 year 5 takes place in May Google before updates of search ranking signal, we recommend that you implement the speed verification of their sites.

Here are some ways to speed up your site:

Understand the speed of your current site. Open the online store speed report in Shopify’s admin screen to get an idea of your current performance.

Implement speed improvement measures. Identify locations in the online store where you can improve speed. See here or how to speed up your site. Or Shopify expert It is also possible to request verification and suggestions for improvement of the site speed contact.

repeat! Whenever you make changes to your online store, you need to be aware of your site speed. Manage your speed score and make improvements whenever necessary. That way, you’ll always be able to optimize for conversions, loyalty, and Google search rankings.

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