With Microsoft And Nvidia, Snowflake Multiplies Agreements On Generative AI

With Microsoft And Nvidia, Snowflake Multiplies Agreements On Generative AI

At its annual event in Las Vegas, Snowflake announced it is strengthening its partnership with Microsoft to bring large-scale generative AI models and machine learning capabilities to its Data Cloud. It does the same with Nvidia and its Nemo services.

By partnering with Microsoft, Snowflake is notably taking advantage of Azure AI applied services, a range of solutions including Azure Cognitive Services and task-specific AI to offer turnkey AI services for business processes. 

Live from Las Vegas. The cloud data warehouse specialist dives into the deep end of generative AI at its annual event in Las Vegas. He announced several agreements in this direction with Microsoft and Nvidia. The one with Microsoft is an extension of an existing partnership with the desire to bring more integration, low code/no code application development and enhanced data governance. The agreement between the two parties “evolves and focuses on improving our collaboration in the field to help our customers enter the next wave of generative AI,” said Chris Degnan, chief revenue officer of Snowflake. 

Indeed, by combining its Data Cloud with Microsoft’s AI capabilities, the firm claims to offer customers from various sectors adapted solutions to manage better, understand and govern their data. Snowflake plans to develop strategic initiatives with Microsoft to empower data scientists and developers with next-generation AI solutions and build integrations between the Data Cloud and Azure ML. On this last point, joint customers can accelerate the entire lifecycle of machine learning algorithms with access to the latest frameworks and CI/CD pipelines.

Greater integration between offers

Snowflake plans further integrations with various Microsoft services. This includes Purview for data governance, Power Apps & Automate for no-code application development, Azure Data Factory for ELT (Extract/Load/Transform), and Power BI for data visualization. At the same time, Snowflake is committed to making it easy and secure for Snowflake customers to leverage Azure OpenAI and Cognitive Services with their data held in the data cloud.

This intermingling of solutions between the two companies should bring various benefits to Snowflake users. For example, a company might aggregate the data with a natural language question-and-answer type solution. It will then be able to aggregate content at scale, integrate it into an LLM, make it available securely, and give its customers near real-time insights. Looking ahead, Peter MacDonald, vice president of cloud partners at Snowflake, points out, “Our partnership includes various elements with a feature and product roadmap, including Microsoft AI.” 

An agreement with Nvidia

In parallel with the announcement with Microsoft, Snowflake has signed an agreement with Nvidia on the same theme. Customers of the cloud data warehouse specialist will thus have access to the various LLMs and model training capabilities of Nvidia’s NeMo offer. By combining cloud data and these services, companies can create personalized generative AI in a secure framework for their data.

“Together, we want to create an AI factory,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia. It intends to respond to the issues raised by companies, data confidentiality and models’ accuracy. On this last point, customers can rely on NeMo Guardrails, an open-source toolbox that checks and controls the responses of generative AIs to avoid “hallucinations”.

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