3 Clicks To Sell: Usability In eCommerce

3 Clicks To Sell: Usability In eCommerce

In search of the perfect eCommerce

The success – or the catastrophic decline – of an online business depends a lot on the technical and communicative characteristics of its eCommerce and on the ability to guarantee the user-consumer simple and optimal navigation.

Creating eCommerce that can attract and convert is not easy, especially if you need to learn important concepts such as usability, storytelling, fluidity of navigation, simple and immediate check-out, and analysis of its actions – and reactions – of its users and consumers. 

The three-click rule

Where to start? The first thing to know is that a rule already widely used for sites is particularly effective for eCommerce: the 3-click rule.

A series of observations of consumer behavior and actions have shown that a user tends to leave the site if he cannot find the information or products he is looking for with just 3 clicks. In general, therefore, we have a maximum of 30 seconds to conquer and seduce our user and push him to buy.

Such a short period of time does not admit mistakes: the product hierarchy must be perfect, the naming optimal, the appealing descriptions, and the check-out path absolutely simple.

People don’t buy products and services, but relationships, stories, and magic

– Seth Godin

Test and verify to improve

E-commerce is an incredible source of information when questioned correctly. Once our store is built, we can exploit its potential to test new products and analyze the actions of our users to verify the usability and fluidity of our eCommerce and intervene promptly to improve.

To be considered perfect, E-commerce must naturally accompany the user towards the purchase without being aggressive or invasive but, on the contrary, leverage the impulse purchases generated by incredible promotions.

Strongly evocative contents, indispensable offers, and a few clicks are the fundamental characteristics of high-performing eCommerce.

The best way, therefore, is to design product boxes to promote or launch new products or a more original version of the existing ones and test the response and satisfaction of the user/consumer.

Seeing is believing! Start a test by selling your products!

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