The Unstoppable Advance Of The Mobile Web

The Unstoppable Advance Of The Mobile Web

When being responsive saves business

Mobile Web, That mobile has changed economic strategies in the digital world is now a fact. Information, news, social media: most of the activities carried out by users in the sea of ​​the Internet mainly take place from mobile devices.

This trend is also confirmed by the new Audiweb report for the month of June: 65 percent of the time spent online takes place via mobile devices, which, especially among the youngest, completely replace desktop browsing.

Most companies have already run for cover: almost all websites have already had a mobile version and a desktop version for years in order to make browsing the waves of their content as smooth and fluid as possible.

And the mobile web for e-commerce?

Mobile browsing is not limited to entertainment or the search for news and information but is changing – and revolutionizing – the shopping experience of users: mobile commerce continues its unstoppable growth, so much so that some web gurus already hypothesize the definitive defeat of desktop e-commerce.

The turning point year was undoubtedly 2022 when purchases from mobile devices not only outnumbered those from the desktop but even surpassed them.

Not the strongest, the most brilliant wins but the one which best adapts to change.

How mobile changes the online shopping experience

Some factors have influenced – and continue to be decisive – mobile purchases.

First of all, a responsive e-commerce and an optimized site: 70 percent of users, not surprisingly, abandon the e-commerce if the latter adapts to the format of their device and favors smooth and optimal navigation.

Having a responsive site and investing in optimizing your website is essential to give the right sprint to your online business and not risk losing a considerable number of potential customers.

Abandon the old, outdated strategies and technologies: the future of e-commerce has never been so mobile.

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