5 Reasons To Do Business On WhatsApp

5 Reasons To Do Business On WhatsApp

Social networks are changing the way business is done around the world, and WhatsApp is no exception. Despite WhatsApp being one of the social networks aimed at communication in a friendly way, its developers have also offered a way to do business as WhatsApp Business.

Who doesn’t have WhatsApp? A very high percentage of people have this application on their mobile devices. WhatsApp has become a necessary tool for communication between people; many companies have their business accounts within WhatsApp to offer their services and promote their products within the social network.

Although we use WhatsApp to communicate, make videoconferences, interact in work groups, family, studies and more, we may need to take advantage of the moment to make money from promotions within WhatsApp.

Why should you use WhatsApp as a marketing tool?

WhatsApp has not stopped surprising us with its updates; little by little, it has been advancing in the options it offers. That is why the call is to take advantage of this application to do business, whether it is a small, medium or large company.

We have the reasons why you should do business through WhatsApp if you still think that there are better options for your business.

WhatsApp is free

This social network Download WhatsApp is free! So, there is no investment in it; we can interact without paying any cost to do our business. You only need to have an internet connection and a mobile device.

WhatsApp is for interacting.

Customers like to interact and to be communicated with directly. This is why WhatsApp has become an almost indispensable tool for many people to communicate over long distances and even in the same city, so marketing through this social network is undoubtedly a good option. Through WhatsApp, you can interact with customers without paying for it.

WhatsApp allows the sending of catalogues and videos.

The way to publicize what we offer as merchants, whether products or services, is through tools such as catalogues, images and videos that customers can see dynamically, and in that case, WhatsApp also has this option where they can send these types of files so that customers can see everything offered.

WhatsApp allows you to organize groups and meetings.

It is often challenging to offer group services through some networks. In the case of WhatsApp, you can deal with your clients directly and in groups, through groups, where you can integrate as many clients as you want and send them information about what you offer them.

Furthermore, if they accept it, you can offer them meetings where you give direct and detailed information about your company.

WhatsApp has many benefits as a digital marketing tool; it is time to take advantage of all its functions.

How to download WhatsApp

To download WhatsApp, it is best to go to its official page https://www.whatsapp.com/download, where it gives you 4 options: download WhatsApp for IOS phones, for Android phones, for MAC desktops, and for Windows desktops.

Any of the options are good; however, if what you want is to work with WhatsApp at a business level, we recommend that you use the desktop option; not only is it more comfortable, it is fast, and you use the computer keyboard, whether you want to or not, it will always be more comfortable than the small mobile keyboard. And let’s remember that if you are going to use it secretly, much better from the computer.

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