About Facebook Shop: Introducing An Online Shop That Can Be Customized On Facebook And Instagram

About Facebook Shop: Introducing An Online Shop That Can Be Customized On Facebook And Instagram

Go to the place where the customer is and do business. This is the golden rule of business.

In the past, the only option was to set up a physical store in a busy area. Now that social platforms are building digital streets, what companies need to do is deliver a native-feeling experience to community members and tell their own brand stories.

Have such a spirit, we Facebook in cooperation with Shopify everyone merchant (First of all from the United States) is Facebook shop was to be able to use. This will enable a new shopping experience with a customizable storefront on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Shop: Launch Brand Store for Facebook And Instagram

Facebook Shop is an online shop that can be provided inside the Facebook and Instagram apps. Billions of users looking for a new experience can find and buy your products within the apps they use every day.

Imagine your products appearing on the Facebook and Instagram digital markets, along with a native shopping experience, on any device. Customize the colors and layout of your Facebook shop to bring your brand and products to the world. In addition, you can organize your collection in tiles to get a closer look at the Shopify store.

The shopping experience here is smooth and seamless. Customers can quickly find the product they are looking for in the Facebook shop and easily complete the Shopify store checkout (transition to an external site in Japan).

Because it’s integrated with Shopify, your products, inventory, and back-office are fully in sync with the Shopify store. Therefore, you can manage your business in one place while selling through various sales channels.

A lot of things are going on right now, but here are a few ways to get started today.

Prepare For Facebook Shop

Shopify merchants will be the first to access this new channel. And we can quickly offer our customers this new mobile shopping experience.

The future schedule is as follows. Users who are already using Instagram as a sales channel and can access product tags will be notified by Facebook when the Facebook shop becomes available in the future. The Facebook shop is Instagram can be created in, then Facebook has been scheduled to be the advent of version.

If you haven’t set up your Instagram product tag, the Facebook shop will be available in the coming months. Install Shopify’s Facebook sales channel to get your shop ready. This will give you powerful sales and marketing within the Facebook family of apps. By linking Shopify products with your Facebook channel, you’ll automatically be able to access them from your account when your Facebook shop becomes available.

There are two ways to get in touch with this exciting channel, a new form of e-commerce, and we’re still waiting for further updates. All businesses will become online businesses, and distributors will have to meet the latest needs where consumers spend a lot of time. That’s where Facebook and Instagram are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Access The Facebook Shop Anymore?

If you have already set up to add product tags to Instagram posts, please wait. Notifications will be sent automatically from Facebook in the future.

When Will The Facebook Shop Be Generally Available?

The Facebook shop will be generally available in the coming months. Currently, Shopify on Facebook You can jump-start by setting the channel. Integrate your existing products with your Facebook channel and customize them as soon as your Facebook shop becomes available.

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