Here Come The Beats Studio Buds, Noise-Canceling Headphones Of Android

Here Come The Beats Studio Buds, Noise-Canceling Headphones Of Android

As widely anticipated in the past few days and weeks, Beats today announces the launch of the Beats Studio Buds, totally wireless earphones that promise a high-quality audio experience with a comfortable, light, and elegant design. Sweat and water-resistant, with an IPX41 rating and up to 24 hours of battery life, Studio Buds offer active noise cancellation, Transparency mode, and, for the first time, one-touch pairing for both iOS and Android users, for maximum comfort.

Starting this summer, it will be possible to order Beats Studio Buds in three Beats colors, black, white, and Beats red, priced at € 149.95.

“To create a product with such small dimensions, we evaluated, analyzed, and selected every little detail, to optimize the sound quality, comfort, and resistance,” explains Oliver Schuster, vice president of Beats and Apple Music. “The Studio Buds boast the smallest and thinnest form factor we’ve created to date, while still delivering the immersive experience and sleek design you’ve come to expect from Beats.”

Studio Buds have been conceived and designed to offer high-quality audio and comfort, for listening to music, streaming movies, or talking with friends. The ergonomically angled acoustic nozzle features a laser-made micro-opening that relieves pressure in the ears. In addition, thanks to the silicone ear tips in three sizes and the lightweight design (5g per earphone), Studio Buds guarantee maximum comfort throughout the day.

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The sound is described as powerful and balanced, made possible by the proprietary 8.2mm double diaphragm driver, with a rigid center piston with a flexible outer layer. Studio Buds’ dual-chamber acoustics allow for effective stereo separation and minimal harmonic distortion in the frequency curve, so you never miss a note. Additionally, for those with an Apple Music subscription, Studio Buds automatically play spatial audio for available tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos, for multi-dimensional sound and clarity.

Thanks to the two listening modes, the user controls the sound. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) blocks unwanted external noise, including wind, by leveraging adaptive real-time gain control. To ensure clear audio when ANC mode is active, Studio Buds use an algorithm that monitors the source file while correcting and eliminating sound-affecting artifacts up to 48,000 times per second.

And when you want to hear what’s going on around you, just hold down the “b” button to easily switch to Transparency mode. External microphones mix the sounds of your surroundings with the music being played to provide a natural experience. During calls, the two beamforming microphones recognize the user’s voice and block outside and wind noises for superior clarity.

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Beats Studio Bud’s pair easily with a tap to Apple and Android devices. Class 1 Bluetooth technology ensures a wider range and transmission efficiency, ensuring reliable connectivity and fewer connection losses. Each headset connects to the device independently, so you can decide whether to use just one or both.

The multifunction button “b” on each earphone allows you to answer or end a call, play content and pause it, skip tracks, and switch between ANC and Transparency mode. You can switch listening modes, check battery levels and receive firmware updates directly on your device, both Android and iOS. Studio Buds support voice assistant, and with iOS, you can activate Siri without touching the device, simply by saying “Hey Siri”.

The earphones provide up to 8 hours of listening, with two additional charges provided by the pocket case, for up to 24 hours of combined listening. With ANC or Transparency mode enabled, you have up to 5 hours of listening, 15 in combination with the case. Thanks to Fast Fuel, when the battery is low, with 5 minutes of charging you still get up to 1 hour of listening.

Studio Buds are the first Beats product to support Find My on iOS and Find My Device on Android. The user can easily locate the earphones that they no longer find by using the last known position (when paired via Bluetooth) or by ringing them if they are nearby.

The Beats Studio Buds packaging is made up of 92% plant material from recycled fibers and/or sustainable forests and represents the smallest and most sustainable solution produced to date. Beats Studio Buds will be available in Italy starting this summer at a price of 149.95 euros.

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