How To List Your Products For Free On The Google Shopping Tab?

How To List Your Products For Free On The Google Shopping Tab?

As e-commerce plays an increasingly important role in meeting consumer needs, Google, a search service that connects sellers and buyers, is more important than ever.

Every day, many people use Google Search for their shopping needs. Google’s shopping tab is an attractive space for businesses as a place to list their products.

Until now, shopping tabs consisted of paid listings only, but now free listings will appear in relevant search results separately from paid ads. The target countries are the following countries (partial excerpt, full list here ).

USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Poland, Spain, Russia, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, Ukraine, South Africa, South Africa, UAE, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan.

Consumers in the above countries will be able to choose more products from more stores. Online retailers who sell products to these countries can also increase their product exposure on Google’s shopping tab for free and supplement paid ads with free listings.

Shopify is Google cooperation, and merchants of Shopify Google channel so that you can easily synchronize, transmit and optimize the free listing of products using. If you’re already using Shopify and syncing products on this channel, your approved products will appear in the shopping tab of the relevant search results, so no action is required.

Easier To Reach Customers With The Google Shopping Tab

With the introduction of free listings, qualified merchants can submit products for listing on Google’s Shopping tab. From there, the product is more likely to be discovered by search users and more likely to lead to purchases without having to pay for clicks.

It’s not a replacement for shopping ads, but with the introduction of free listings on the shopping tab, small businesses that don’t have the resources to effectively operate and scale their Google Ads campaigns have easy access to popular online shopping spots. It is now possible. In addition, merchants who are already using shopping ads can supplement their paid ads with free listings.

List Your Product On The Google Shopping Tab

Merchants who meet the criteria can set up Shopify’s Google channel. First, follow the checklist to make sure you meet the requirements of the Google Merchant Center. The Google Merchant Center dashboard allows you to select any Shopping Comparison Service (CSS).

Once your product feed is synced with Google Merchant Center and your product is approved, it will appear in the relevant search results.

There are also several ways to optimize your shopping tab listings to make your product easier to find.

  • Keep product and store information detailed and up-to-date.
  • Use high-quality product images that meet the specifications of the Google Merchant Center.
  • Describe the product name attribute for each product feed specifically. Searchers ignore ambiguous product names.
  • Consider the keywords that prospects type into Google to search for products, and incorporate them into product names and product descriptions in a natural way. Test your hypothesis about the words used when your product is searched by performing a keyword search.
  • Include all relevant product feed attributes, such as size and gender, to help the right customer find the right product.
  • Optimize product category attributes to at least 3 levels as much as possible. For example, if you sell dog blankets, enter Home & Decor> Furnishings> Bedroom> Dog.

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