If You Install Windows 11 By Yourself … You May Not Continue Using It Safely

If You Install Windows 11 By Yourself … You May Not Continue Using It Safely

Rainy day Windows of the new OS era is already next month and has been closing in on. Models that can be upgraded for free as soon as possible have also been announced, and users who are getting more excited may be happy. After all, this upgrade is for an unprecedented narrow gate. Question Microsoft even though the PC of (Microsoft), can be in Windows 11 than about the latest Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, even of high-spec should be in the “Surface Studio 2”, the upgrade excluded those who came with That’s why.

However, loopholes always exist, avoiding upgrade announcements that would normally be distributed from a Windows 10 environment only if your machine meets the requirements of Windows 11, and Windows anyway. 11 a clean installation seems there is also a method that ends up. It’s a trick to install from an ISO file using a so-called media creation tool, which increases the chances of getting Windows 11 on your machine even if you don’t meet the strict hardware requirements …

Thus formally unsupported and thus introduced Windows 11 to the machine’s specifications, surprising danger if The Verge’s lurking has pointed out. You can use it for the time being, but Microsoft is considering a restriction that it will not distribute any security patches or driver updates to unsupported machines! Occasionally, only urgent security updates that cover serious vulnerabilities may be distributed exceptionally, but it is the same as old OS such as Windows XP, whose support was discontinued a long time ago. It will be treated.

Microsoft plans to re-release the PC Health Check Tool app, which is currently in beta on the Windows Insider Program, to check for legitimate upgrades to Windows 11 by next month’s official release. However, there are many users in an environment where they will be played even if you check here. After all, I understand that the aim is to announce a new model equipped with the latest Windows 11 from the beginning, but I hope that it will not be just a situation where Windows 10 refugees will flood the world four years later.

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