Is a Dissatisfied Customer The End Of The World?

Is a Dissatisfied Customer The End Of The World?

Dissatisfied Customer, How often do you face customer dissatisfaction? This topic may be slightly different in each company: a small enterprise takes care of every complaint because there are so few of them; it is an everyday thing in big business. Regardless of whether the loss of a client is a stressful event or a daily bread, it would be best if you kept your eyes open because it can turn into … a chance!

Less and less loyal

Research conducted by the Gallup Institute on 100,000 people shows that as many as 71% of B2B customers are ready to change their supplier at any time. You don’t have to be dissatisfied to immediately take advantage of the more attractive offer of your competition whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is worth remembering when we lose someone again.

But more importantly, only 4% of these service users choose to file a complaint. What does it mean? That while we deal with 4 dissatisfied customers, 96 others leave without giving a reason. And if they leave, they don’t come back.

There is only one conclusion: Customers are becoming less loyal and reluctant to tell the supplier what the problem is. But does this mean that the dissatisfied customer is the one who left? Not necessarily! Sometimes collaboration is improved and stopped. Thanks to this, he becomes a saved customer, and the company gets a new chance.

Find the problem

Since customers very rarely say on their own that they do not like something, how can we deal with this phenomenon? It’s best to start pulling on the tongue! This is not an easy task because you should always set aside time for the interview and then listen to the recipient and ask if every aspect is satisfactory. If we try to get something out of him during a routine business meeting, asking, “are there any doubts?”

Why is it worth getting involved in the process of saving customers? Because during it, the company is able to identify any potential problems that would not be solved without properly identifying them. However, thanks to an early reaction, we gain the opportunity to remove these obstacles when it still brings positive results – in the form of a saved customer. Additionally, with the knowledge acquired through this process, we can get rid of similar problems in the future.

Researching the real opinion of service users about the company is a real opportunity to develop and increase turnover by improving services. So: a dissatisfied customer is not the end of the world!

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