Marketing Statistics For 2022

Marketing Statistics For 2022

Marketing Statistics, How do you start the New Year well? With a handful of statistics to help you rethink your marketing and plan new strategies. Is it worth using graphics, or is it better to switch to video? Is writing blog articles still worthwhile? Check out this blog article!

It is better not to forget about it!

Here are the most important facts about internet marketing for 2022:

  • 45% of organizations do not have a well-defined internet marketing strategy. Meanwhile, marketers who document their strategy have a 300% more chance of success! In 2022, it is worth focusing on careful planning and evaluation of activities in order to draw the best conclusions. Thanks to specific treatments, we can easily eliminate errors by knowing what effects we achieve.
  • Only 1% of Google users look to the other side of search results. In fact, the first 5 results get 60% of all clicks! So you can see that the competition is huge and there is something to fight for.
  • Landing pages with only three fields are the most effective. This is certainly enough to get the necessary data from customers: name, telephone number and e-mail address. What’s more, placing videos on such a site increases conversion by 85% and customer statements about your company – by over 30%. Therefore, it is worth considering whether we can equip the landing page with this type of “magnets.”

Social media

More than half of the world already uses a variety of platforms. Each of us spends an average of 2 hours a day there. Three-quarters of marketers say that their activities in this area have resulted in increased traffic to the site, but it is imperative to use visual material to achieve this.

Importantly, most users now browse social networks on smartphone, so it’s worth checking what our posts look like on the computer and phone screens. Not all formats look good on both devices.

The most valuable marketing channel is Instagram: we get engagement 84 times greater than on Twitter and 10 times greater than on Facebook. It’s good to know that photos where you can see your face, have about 30% more responsiveness, so it’s worth showing your business face – literally!

Photos or videos?

We know for sure that users prefer photos to text. We absorb information better visually, and blog articles with photography gain 90% more views.

However, it’s worth knowing that this year, video content will account for 80% of Internet traffic, and more than half of users would like to see more videos from their favorite brands. So there is nothing to wait for!

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