Twitter – How To Get Followers? Three Ways To Broaden Your Audience

Twitter – How To Get Followers? Three Ways To Broaden Your Audience

Twitter is a very popular social networking site that allows microblogging. It is a great platform that is often used to promote products, business, and many other things as well. It also happens that popular public figures post their tweets there to inform all users who are observers about something. Nowadays, a large number of followers means above-average ranges, which is associated with the possibility of earnings. It can even be said that our success depends to some extent on the number of observers. So how to increase their number? Here are three ways that can help you tremendously!

“Follow for follow.”

This method consists in observing other people and hoping that we will also be observed in return. It can be hellishly effective, but you should remember a few rules.

First of all, we shouldn’t click “follow” on each profile. In this way, maybe we will actually be able to get a few new people, but in most cases, they are not our target group, so the posts that we will post will not be interesting for them. Consequently, after a short time, they will give up tracking our product or business.

You should also take care of the naturalness of this method. We must not allow a situation in which we will “wholesale” increase the number of people we observe. A profile with 200 followers and 20,000 followings certainly doesn’t look credible, so instead of speeding up the process, we’ll probably slow it down.


Many people do not even realize how important they are in promoting our profile. It might be a good idea to start with to see if there are any hashtags that are related to what you are doing. For example, if you are a network marketing seller, you can use something like #mlm #marketing #marketinglife, and many more. If there are no hashtags that are related to your business, you can create yours by adding more general ones to reach more people.

Be regular

Contrary to appearances, regularity is as important as the two previous points. Post regularly, ask questions to be more active, start entirely new discussions. This can go a long way in gaining new followers. Insert photos videos, use the options offered by Twitter, e.g., polls, of course, not forgetting about hashtags. You can also share tweets of other users as well as their posts.

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