What Is Local SEO And How It Can Help Your Business

What Is Local SEO And How It Can Help Your Business

Do you want to know what local SEO is? Well, let’s play for a while. Grab your cell phone (with location activated), access Google search and search for “restaurants.” Immediately and first, a map with a list of restaurants near you will appear.

That is local SEO, an essential part of SEO positioning.

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation and want to learn how to improve the local positioning of your business to give more visibility to your products or services, stay here.

Your goal is that the next time your potential customer searches for your physical business on Google, you appear in that listing. Sounds good, right? Let’s see how to achieve it to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

What is local SEO

Local SEO is an optimization technique that allows potential clients to find your business on Google when they search from a specific geographic location.

We could say that local SEO is a Digital Marketing technique that helps your customers find you in real life, that is when they want to visit your business in person.

The result that a user obtains when doing the geolocated search is a map with a list of three local results known as a local pack or Local Snack Pack. This list usually shows data such as the business’s name, opening hours and user ratings.

Any business that works on local SEO can appear in this package. Please do so to avoid losing sales opportunities. And it’s not that we say so.

In fact, Google itself emphasized the importance of local SEO when one of its representatives released this figure: 46% of all searches made on Google look for local information.

Local SEO: proximity SEO

User behaviour forced Google to get its act together by refining its algorithm to adapt the results it offers to users in response to their local searches. For this, the proximity factor was included. Google considers geolocation, where a search is done to show the user one result or another.

You can do the test yourself if you live in a big city. If you search for “bakery” from home, you will get a different result than if you search from your workplace.

The reality is that local searches such as “lawyer near me”, “physiotherapist in (city)”, or “gas station now open near me” are increasingly common among users.

Surely, you have also done this type of search at some point, whether from a PC or smartphone, to find a local business that would help you solve your need at that moment. It doesn’t matter if it was a cafeteria, a hotel, a locksmith, a mechanic or a hairdresser, among many other businesses.

What happens if you have a store or a physical location and do local SEO? Well, thanks to this technique, you will be able to boost your business.

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