What Is a Guest Post, And Why Is It Good For SEO

What Is a Guest Post, And Why Is It Good For SEO

What is a guest post? What benefits does it bring to the SEO of your website? Discover the potential of this tool by reading our guide.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies there are and very useful for improving the SEO of a site.

In this guide, we will discover the meaning of guest posts and how you need to write them to be effective.

What are guest posts, and what are they for

Guest blogging means writing and publishing posts not on your own website or blog but on someone else’s. Numerous advantages are linked to this activity :

  • Guest posting on other sites has benefits in terms of SEO positioning as it allows you to obtain links to your website or blog relatively easily, often from authoritative sources.
  • Writing a guest post also allows you to build new relationships, increase your authority and expand your catchment area by making yourself known to an audience other than your website or blog.

How to write guest posts effectively

  • To choose the right site or blog where to insert your guest post, you need to carry out a careful analysis on search engines and Facebook groups, as well as monitor the behavior of competitors who, perhaps, have already tried their hand in this field.
  • The next step is to consider the numbers of the site or blog intended to host your post and analyze its contents, as regards the consistency of the topics covered, the graphics, the tone of voice, and the audience to which they are addressed. It is also important to review any previous guest posts hosted by that site or blog so that you have a clearer idea of ​​the potential effectiveness of your action.
  • Building an authentic relationship with both the site or blog owner and their community is very important. For this reason, even before trying your hand at writing the guest post, it is advisable to interact (in a natural way) with the posts and within the social channels.
  • The contact with the owner for the collaboration proposal is fundamental: you have to introduce yourself and make the interlocutor understand the positive contribution you can bring to his site/blog, perhaps referring to previous experiences that have proved to be particularly successful.
  • The thematic coherence between the topic of the guest post and the other content of the site hosting is fundamental because it is also one of the parameters taken into consideration by Google to “unmask” paid guest posts made just to buy a link. The contents cataloged as spam, in fact, are often off-topic with respect to the context in which they are inserted.
  • Even at the writing level, it is advisable to follow the line of the site or blog that hosts the post, both from a graphic point of view and regards the tone of voice. From an SEO perspective, it is important to insert a link to your site, but adding internal links to the host site is equally useful. This last action also demonstrates to the site owner their attention to its contents.
  • An effective guest post must also contain a call to action to invite users to comment and interact. This will be useful for both the guest post writer and the host.

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