Why Is My Instagram Post Description Not Showing Up? Character And Hashtag Limits.

Why Is My Instagram Post Description Not Showing Up? Character And Hashtag Limits.

Instagram Post: On the surface, it may seem that Instagram is a simple social networking application in which each user can upload their photo, view their friends’ photos, or watch the lives of celebrities. Meanwhile, there are complicated algorithms behind everything that recalculate all the data provided to them, and on this basis, they assess which photos and stories are valuable and may be of interest to other users and what is unattractive. How does Instagram work, and what are its limitations? Will all our photos and descriptions be displayed? How to make our posts better treated by the algorithm?

Why is my Instagram post description not showing up?

It happens that in the description of our Instagram post, we want to include an interesting story or story, to a greater or lesser extent related to what application users see on the screen. So we write, click the “Share” button, and suddenly we see a photo, and under it a white, empty background. Why did this happen? There are limits to your Instagram posts.

The maximum length of a post is 2,200 characters, including spaces. For this reason, we cannot write indefinitely. This is due to the fact that long content is not attractive to the recipient. Information about the maximum post length is even included in the terms and conditions, which we agree to when registering an account. If we write more than 2200 characters with spaces, the website will remove the entire content of the post, and the photo will be added without description.

It is also not worth posting one photo after another because, in this case, Instagram algorithms will treat it as spam and block our account.

Similar restrictions apply to hashtags. These single words starting with the “#” badge, help our photos reach more users. Unfortunately, they cannot be pasted indefinitely. Instagram blocks posts with more than 30 hashtags. The post is sent, but the hashtags are hidden, making our photo much harder to reach potential recipients. Additionally, some hashtags are “censored.” If the words we use to describe our photo are racist or associated with violence and pornography, the algorithms will limit the visibility of our post on the site.

Other Restrictions

When using Instagram, we may also encounter other restrictions. The maximum number of accounts that we can observe is 7,500, and in an hour, we can only start tracking about 20 new people. A similar limitation can be noticed when clicking likes in the form of hearts next to someone else’s photos, and the limit is no more than 60 hearts per hour. Exactly the same restriction applies to comments.

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