Remarketing – Why It Is Worth Launching An Ad For People Who Visited Our Website.

Remarketing – Why It Is Worth Launching An Ad For People Who Visited Our Website.

Remarketing is one of the best customer acquisition tools. Being able to create a list of people who have visited our site is very beneficial. Reaching them and presenting them with a special advertisement, e.g., in the form of a discount, can give much better results than acquiring customers from the original advertising campaign. So why is it worth using remarketing? Answers, information, and tips are below.

Possibility of customer acquisition

The first benefit and the reason why you should get interested in remarketing is the ability to acquire customers. People who have visited our website, but have not made a purchase, can also convince people to place an order. According to various statistics, about 30% of people are willing to come back and buy a product or service, which is a very good result. In such a group, paradoxically, it is much easier to attract a client than by carrying out a standard marketing campaign. Remarketing is also very profitable, which is essential. Effective spending of the advertising budget and savings are benefits that many entrepreneurs will gladly accept.

Brand awareness and reach

Remarketing is also a great tool for expanding your reach and brand awareness. People who have already visited and interacted with our site probably remember it, and subsequent actions may additionally remind them of us. If they are looking for a specific product from our industry, they will surely use a website or store they know, which they have already visited once and saw its advertisement on the Internet many times. Remarketing also has many forms of advertising itself, such as text, image or video advertising.

Create specific audience lists

A very good reason you should use remarketing is the ability to create specific lists of audiences. We can divide them based on, e.g., activity on individual subpages or, e.g., abandoning the cart just before the purchase. Knowing that certain people care about quality (when browsing the most expensive products) or price (when they resigned from buying or browsing the cheapest products), we can create an appropriate advertising campaign. The use of different ads and strategies for each group will increase the effectiveness of our activities. We can store such lists and use them “for some time” or use them regularly with additional funds in the advertising budget.

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