A / B Tests – Why Should You Use Them On Your Website?

A / B Tests – Why Should You Use Them On Your Website?

A / B testing: When creating websites, advertising creations, sponsored posts, or newsletters, we often rely on our own intuition and sense of aesthetics. However, not always what appeals to us; it also reaches the audience. As a result, we can meet with low conversion despite hard work. A / B testing is a simple tool to overcome this.

Benefits of using A / B testing

Among the numerous advantages of the mentioned method, there is the possibility of conducting tests even without the support of experts and with the help of free tools. It is also important that A / B tests allow you to test every, even the smallest element of the page. In addition, we get results that are easy to interpret.

Website optimization with the help of A / B tests

Obtaining the highest possible conversion rate is the most important goal for any e-commerce business. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the website and its optimization constantly. A / B tests help in this because only testing the solutions and choosing the best one can achieve success. Each positive change means a lower bounce rate, longer time spent on the website, and higher conversion. So what can you test?

CTA buttons

The call-to-action button is the most tested element, and its appearance and location can change a lot.


Catchy headlines are extremely important, especially if the website is heavily focused on content. Properly formulated headers attract the attention of website users and are also important in positioning.


Even the entire content can be tested with the help of A / B testing. For example, descriptions of items or services can effectively encourage (or discourage) a purchase. We can experiment with the length of the texts and their structure.

The appearance of the site

Sometimes seemingly irrelevant elements can affect the perception of a website. That is why it is worth testing the background color, font style, graphics used, button colors, link descriptions, price presentation, and many other elements.

The way to an effective A / B test

A / B testing allows you to improve the website thanks to the trial and error method. When conducting the test, we choose one variable each time. We create two versions of the website, e.g., with a red and blue CTA button. We then display one version to half of the users and the other half to the other. For the results to be reliable, the test must last long enough. The next step is to compare the results and choose a better variant. At this point, you can proceed to the next test.

A / B tests and their disadvantages

While A / B testing is a great marketing tool, you need to be aware of some of its drawbacks. First of all, they do not allow multiple variables to be tested at once; thus, it is difficult to precisely determine the correlation between individual elements. They cannot be carried out at the design stage of the website. And most importantly, you have to be careful when interpreting the results because the tests do not take into account external factors. 

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