9 Tips On How To Create Interesting content

9 Tips On How To Create Interesting content

Online marketing experts advise you repeatedly – create interesting content. They usually offer demos of successful companies in which a team of specialists participates in the creation of content. How can we create content in small businesses? What content to offer to attract Internet users?

1. Go back in time

We all like to remember and go back to our memories. At a meeting from school with a smile on their lips and a gentle nostalgia, we like to remember the years we spent together on the benches. We spend nice happy moments repeatedly in our memories.

Use the nostalgia for the past to your advantage. Look for forgotten cubes that are associated with your brand and  create content that will nostalgia for the good old days.

Remember with your customers. Brush up old memories, take photos. There is a good chance that you will find some sentimental memories that people remember. Associate it with your brand.

2. Awaken customers’ narcissism

People love themselves. This was obviously confirmed by the arrival of the selfie. Create and customize audience content. Put customers at the center of your interest. Use their names, faces. Create content about them. Compile content from photos, emails, suggestions, comments from your customers.

3. Cause a commotion

Just look at the discussions on social networks. Just a little stimulus and the audience will be divided into 2 camps. Cats versus dogs, Apple versus Android. You don’t have to start with a taboo or political topic. You don’t even have to choose a camp. It is enough to stay a little seed, stay in seclusion and watch how people get involved in the discussion.

Is there a better way to provoke people to share content? Passionate arguments, advocacy are a great way to share content.

4. Eat what you cook

Point to the human side of your brand by putting a person in the content. And remember, just like people, brands aren’t perfect.

Let’s remember the New Year’s Eve broadcast of a television newspaper, when we laugh at the “breeps” of moderators.

The more serious the brand, the more effective self-irony can be.

5. Attack the feelings

Aim the sentimental content directly at the center of the target. Cute puppies make a smile in every ad and keep your attention when watching the ad.

Break down myths . The story of a good loser will also attract the attention of your audience. Help people to see themselves in the mirror as beautiful, good, wise beings. Help them boost their confidence. Show them the way to achieve a full life. Invite customers to share their experiences, stories and incorporate them into the content.

6. Offer content for free

Invest time in writing and offer something valuable. Content marketing has created space for brand building by disseminating useful content. Become a trusted source of valuable information.

You can offer simple advice, tips, recipes, instructions, as well as professional advice.

7. Use statistics

Businesses often forget that they have valuable and interesting information. Use them to your advantage. Examine precisely all the statistics you have available.

8. Listen

One of the most viewed sources of content is customers. They collect information about you everywhere. They ask directly. They appeal to your customers. They search on social networks. Make a mosaic of the questions and give them answers before they say them.

9. Be persistent

There are no shortcuts when creating quality content. Producing good content requires work and perseverance. You will enhance the effectiveness of your content with its quality. Invest more in quality than in quantity.

So, here are 9 compelling answers to the introductory questions. All 9 councils have one common denominator. They all start with a great understanding of your customers’ needs.

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