The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2021

The Best Wireless Headphones Of 2021

With the best wireless headphones, you will not only have incredible comfort, with millimeter by millimeter quality of pure wireless technology. With more and more manufacturers competing for quality and designs, headphones are more attractive than ever.

In this list of the best wireless headphones; Manufacturers didn’t skimp on the qualities modern premium headphones should have. Some more features than others focus on sound quality, active noise cancellation, features like sweat software, waterproofing, equalizers, and many more features. Read on for our selection of the best wireless headphones you can buy in 2020.

Apple AirPods Pro: The Best of the Best Wireless Earbuds

The original Apple AirPods made their debut on the market with a strong public acceptance thanks to their high quality.  However, despite their average sound quality, the AirPods and AirPods 2 have become a badge of honor among the Apple faithful. 

The biggest advantage Apple touts is active noise cancellation. This feature eliminates all outside noise if you are looking for a break from the world around you. This is thanks to the new interchangeable silicone tips. Along with added passive noise cancellation, the ear tips give you support and plenty of options to find the perfect fit. 

It has an ambient listening mode that emits its environment’s sound, a crucial feature for when on the road as cyclists, pedestrians, or anyone who needs to keep their ears on the road. Early AirPods Pro reviews rate the effectiveness of its noise cancellation at a high level, perhaps even better than others on the list.

They are water-resistant, which makes the AirPods Pro ideal for workouts and use in bad weather conditions.  It can deliver about five hours of battery life, plus another 24 hours via the included fast-charging case. This is why the AirPods Pro stands out above others as the best pair of headphones you can buy.

Sony WF-1000XM3: The best-canceling noise of the best wireless headphones

The Sony WF-1000XM3 rivals Apple’s AirPods Pro; in the market for wireless noise-canceling headphones, but they are still among the first in this growing sector. Sony has been a giant in the audio domain for a long time. This mastery allowed them to take another leap with these headphones, which allow noise cancellation in an elegant package. But they have an advantage over their rival; its dimensions have additional features in its chassis, allowing it a greater capacity for a larger battery. Therefore, it allows Sony a longer activity time, around 7 hours. Coupled with Sony’s DSEE HX software, few can compete with the sound quality of the WF-1000XM3.  Achieving a well-balanced sound with the advantage of having an adjustable equalizer; in case you want to exploit the range of sounds with which Sony can reach. The WF-1000XM3 is also characterized by being intuitive. It has touch controls, with which you can deactivate noise cancellation in any of the touches by placing your finger on them. 

They have the facility to manage calls, tracks, and digital assistants with just a few taps and swipes.  It has knockout detection, which means if you drop it while listening to music, it will instantly stop the track. But if that isn’t enough, Sony tries to cut down on some of that manual work; with a smart listening mode that can switch between ambient sound and noise cancellation based on your activity.

Anker SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive AirPod Pro headphones, Anker SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro is still very good in quality and price.  These headphones have 11mm dynamic drivers with which they offer powerful sounds with deep bass, high and very clear tones. You can use them with the custom equalizer application called Hear ID, with which you can calibrate all audio levels and listen to your music as it is intended to be heard. 

They come supplied with a wide variety of silicone ear cushions, wings for a comfortable fit, and a great variety for almost all types and sizes of ears. They have independent connectivity and controls between them, so you can use one while the other is idle so you can hear your surroundings. You have provided it to last up to eight hours and up to about 32 hours with the charging case for non-stop listening to songs all day. 

Without a doubt ideal for travel or to do long exercise routines; They have the advantage that with only 10 minutes of charge, they give them up to an hour of listening. They have a very useful 10-minute automatic shutdown functionality; if not in use in order to preserve battery life. They have a four-microphone array to help isolate your voice from ambient noise and wind to achieve the goal of keeping all your calls clean and clear.  They support Siri voice commands with hands-free control over your smartphone.

Sennheiser Momentum True: The best in audio quality from the best wireless headphones

This classic Sennheiser audio brand was a bit late on the market in wireless mode, but their Momentum headphones brought them to the scene with veteran efficiency worthy of the best wireless headphones. Sennheiser, inside their Momentum headphones, transmits quality audio through their Bluetooth 5.0 AptX connection.  So you know what this AptX technology is about, which offers a secure channel for fast wireless audio. In terms of sound quality, expect warm bass, with well-treble mids striking a balance with a wide range of volumes. 

It allows you to adjust the parameters of its elements with its Smart Control application to your liking. The Sennheiser Momentum’s battery life is very short, with just 4 hours short of everyone on the list, but hey, they’re newbies to a new market, it’s understandable. They have an additional 8-hour charge with their particular case, with an elegant and modern design. The headphones themselves don’t stick out much and can take a bit of sweat and rain if you wear them for a run.

Beats PowerBeats Pro: The best for the running of the best wireless headphones

These are the best wireless headphones for runners and cyclists.  These wireless headphones manage to be very comfortable and light; Thanks to their particular hook shape to fit easily on the ear, staying in place while you are active. Here too, each headset has its independent Bluetooth chip.

All with the touch controls, voice control, you are able to use one and keep the other off to listen to the traffic or be aware of what is happening.  They are resistant to sweat and water, with which you will continue to listen to your favorite songs regardless of the environment in which you are. With the wireless charging case, you can get up to an extra 24 hours of listening time and yet manage to go up to 9 hours without it. 

With only about 5 minutes of charging time; They give you almost an hour of listening, so if you forget to charge them, whether you’re busy, you’ll have that solution at hand. These PowerBeats Pro headphones come in a black, ivory, navy, and moss green color scheme, so you can choose which one matches your phone or choose your favorite color. They are compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100

If you’re very talkative, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100 should make you and your listener happy.  It has an array of four noise-canceling microphones. That is not new in headphones, but the company claims that its WindSmart implementation manages to detect and filter the wind automatically. 

Even if you don’t have the noise cancellation; The cone-shaped silicone ear tips should effectively block moderate noise levels. Otherwise, Plantronics wireless headphones offer better than average sound quality; a pair of 5.8mm drivers makes the BackBeat Pro 5100 perfectly acceptable for music. 

Its touch controls are backed by the BackBeats app, which gives you super cool functionality with 1 or 2 tap access to playlists, EQ settings, and stopwatch functions. This product offers high IP54 water resistance and 6-hour battery life, an additional 13 hours from the case. It was making them ideal for all types of workouts or work.

Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra is another great option for runners, and among the best is the Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds.  These headphones weigh just 5.5 grams each and are designed to fit almost all ear sizes. They include three different pad gels for a comfortable and secure fit. They connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and achieve a maximum range of 10 meters, so you never lose connection, even if your phone is on a table or in another room in the house. 

With the Jabra app, you can use a custom sound equalizer; to experience your music and podcasts as they are meant to be heard in full quality. For call management, these headphones have four microphones; that isolate the voice from ambient noise and filter the sound of the wind so that calls are clear.  They have physical buttons that guarantee more precise controls; so you don’t accidentally skip a song or end a call by touching the headphones. 

They are compatible with the voice commands of the Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant AIs for hands-free control over your mobile devices.  With the charging case, you can go non-stop for up to 28 hours. You get 7 hours of work without the case, and with just 15 minutes of charging, you get about 60 minutes.  The earbuds are sweat and dust resistant to keep them in excellent working order while you do your daily routines.

Samsung Galaxy Buds +

AirPods can be badges for iOS users, But Android fans have the best wireless earbuds with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus. These headphones internally feature a 2-way dynamic speaker; with a dedicated woofer and tweeter to give you a very rich bass experience, a lot of power in the high and clear tones. It allows a battery life of 11 hours, accompanying you with everything you want to listen to. 

Charging case gives you up to an hour of listening on just 4 minutes of charging; Great for taking them on trips, for exercise, or activities when you forgot to charge the night before. They have an Ambient Aware mode. The headphones monitor external sound and adjust the volume of music; accordingly, you can hear external matters or for oncoming traffic. 

The headphones have internal and two external microphones that isolate your voice from ambient noise for crystal-clear calls when used for calls.  Intuitive touch controls allow you to play music, pause, change songs, and take calls with the touch of a button. With the Galaxy Wearable app, you can monitor the battery levels of your earbuds and charging case at a glance.

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