What Is A Computer Security Audit?

What Is A Computer Security Audit?

It is estimated that around 86% of companies lack sufficient security on their servers in a country that leads the world in online fraud.

The result is business data exposed to attack by any hacker with the consequences that this can have for the business and customers.

To avoid computer attacks, hacking, and theft of personal data, you must have the appropriate guarantees and security measures.

Cybercriminals take advantage of the invasion of this data for their economic interests, which is why preventive measures are essential. Even more so today due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, which has encouraged teleworking and computer security incidents.

Something as simple as sending an email can pose a real risk to your company, allowing malicious software ( spyware ) to access your system if you do not take protection and prevention aspects into account.

This is the objective of computer security audits that deal with analyzing and studying possible vulnerabilities in companies’ computer systems.

If you want to learn more about a computer security audit and how it can help your company, stay here.

What is a computer security audit?

A computer security audit is a study that allows us to know precisely whether a company’s information assets are protected and controlled; that is, it helps determine if there are vulnerabilities in the business technology.

The control of computer systems is carried out by professionals – usually external computer services companies such as Sale Systems – who identify, list, and describe the possible weaknesses in the company’s systems: servers, workstations, remote access, and computer networks.

The errors detected during the audit are used to modify and reinforce the privacy of the systems, as well as detail prevention and action protocols in the event of an attack.

We must remember that the computer systems used by SMEs and large corporations are complex and have multifunctionalities, and their control requires effort and dedication.

This is where we find the possibility of conducting a computer security audit to detect problems and possible vulnerabilities in computer systems and guarantee data security.

Thus, during the audit service, the optimization level of the company’s systems will be evaluated, always respecting privacy and data protection policies. Likewise, the technical aspects and organizational rules stipulated in communications networks are examined.

Once the computer audit that ensures compliance with all requirements has been passed, companies can obtain the ISO 27001 Certificate.

It is an international standard that ensures compliance with the security and confidentiality of information. It also regulates access control to the company’s applications, data, and computer systems, whose authentications and authorizations must be in good order—configured to prevent malicious attacks.

What advantages does it have for companies to hire a computer security audit?

If a company hires an audit, it will be able to know first-hand whether security works properly in its computer systems.

On the one hand, the flow of data within your business will be evaluated. Security auditors will determine the type of information your company handles. Likewise, they will analyze how that information enters and leaves your organization and who has access to it. This way, they ensure that this data is not lost, stolen, used, or manipulated.

Thanks to the computer security audit, vulnerable points and problem areas in your business’s computer system will be identified, including hardware, software, data, and procedures ( firewall rules, network access control, Wi-Fi network security, updating firmware) checking that authentications and authorizations are properly installed and configured to avoid malicious attacks.

Likewise, the audit will show whether the company needs to modify security policies and standards. In addition, auditors can recommend to the company how to take advantage of information technology in favor of the business’s computer security, advising it on the choice of the appropriate protection tools for the organization.

Thus, we can summarize the main advantages of hiring a computer security audit service for the company in these eight points:

  • Reduction of computer attacks and definition of the protocol for action against them.
  • It allows greater security and levels of protection for the company.
  • Helps comply with current regulations on data protection.
  • The business brand is reinforced, as well as its corporate image.
  • It is determined strictly and precisely what measures are necessary to develop security.
  • The business entity increases its security so clients will see important values such ​​as data confidentiality and information integrity validated.
  • The performance of the company’s technological tools improves.
  • Preventing attacks is an investment in the future since it avoids the expenditure of resources to recover stolen information.

What is analyzed in a computer security audit?

Through the computer security audit, an analysis of the state of the installed computer equipment, servers, programs, and applications, among other technological assets, is carried out, in addition to the cybersecurity policies followed by the client.

In this way, this exam focuses on key aspects such as the effectiveness of the computer programs, the management of the systems incorporated into the equipment, the fragility that the work terminals may present, and the computer network and server infrastructure.

Among the methods to diagnose, penetration tests, also known as intrusion tests or “ethical hacking,” are used.

These techniques simulate a covert operation by a security expert that inflicts damage to the foundations of companies’ systems to detect possible mishaps, vulnerabilities, and previously undiscovered security incidents in the computer architecture. In this way, an adequate level of security is forged for the company.

Once the analysis, technological threats, and possible cyber fraud or theft are understood, we determine if the company has to implement a security protocol.

How to do a computer security audit?

We could summarize the process in seven steps:

  1. Make a list of the services that are going to be inspected.
  2. Tracking to verify surveillance standards and verify that required minimums are met.
  3. Identify the operating systems already built into the computer, such as software and hardware.
  4. Analyze the benefits of the services and the correct installation of the applications.
  5. Check and evaluate the defects found.
  6. Correct with effective rules.
  7. Implement the measures that are necessary to prevent damage and computer attacks.

Does your company need a computer security audit?

The threat of cyber-attacks will never go away. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Spain is one of the most attractive countries for hackers to attack.

For this reason, more and more companies are stepping up their game regarding computer security, prioritizing cybersecurity. As forecasts indicate, 40 % of company boards of directors will have a committee dedicated to cybersecurity matters in 2025.

Computer security audits not only prevent economic damage but also damage to the business reputation and the performance of the company’s ICT. We cannot forget that the purpose of many digital hackers is to launch different attacks to commit fraud and crimes and harm the development of your business project.

Our experts advise you to protect your company from these risks by hiring an audit service periodically. Because? Very easy.

Keep in mind that technology evolves at breakneck speed, and as your business develops, it will continue to incorporate new hardware and software programs (whether they run on individual devices or in the cloud as SaaS solutions) with new patches and add-ons. Websites that can expose you to malicious danger and create new security vulnerabilities.

Now you know what a computer security audit is and what it can do for your company. If you aim to protect your business, identify vulnerabilities to solve them in time.

We specialize in computer security for companies. We will analyze your systems structure and the security of your project, plan the systems architecture tailored to your business, help you implement it, and ensure that it works optimally to prevent any cybersecurity threats.

Remember that the best defense against a computer attack is prevention.

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