How To Set Up A Laptop To Achieve 4G Internet Speed Hotspot Connection

How To Set Up A Laptop To Achieve 4G Internet Speed Hotspot Connection

We would rather suggest that you obtain services from existing Wifi providers in your area (they will guide you through the appropriate settings and help). This plan is relatively cheap, if you are looking for a high-speed and stable connection, please set up broadband. ( Suitable for full-time work and very cheap)

If you insist on using your phone to share a 4g connection, it is very simple as shown below.

  • Turn on the wifi hotspot of the phone you want to share data with.
  • If you are using a laptop computer (most laptops are equipped with a wifi adapter by default, but desktop computers need an additional wifi dongle), then find the wifi icon in the lower right corner. This icon can be found on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8. You need to move the mouse pointer to the upper right corner, and a menu will be displayed in the upper right corner. This icon appears in the menu below.
  • Can’t see if your wifi is turned on, then click it. This will show the available networks.
  • Find the SSID or name of your network (here is the name of the mobile hotspot ).
  • Enter the password (you will find the password under the wifi hotspot settings of your mobile phone, and you only need to set it up and click “Show Password” when you arrive). Check the “Remember this network” checkbox.
  • You are done. Use your hot spots seamlessly. When you are done, turn off the mobile hotspot.
  • When the mobile hotspot is turned on after turning on the laptop, it will reconnect by itself.

That’s it.

I wish you all the best in your work.

You will also need a 4G sim card (such as Jio) on your smartphone.

Then enter the settings and mobile hotspot settings, set up the mobile hotspot by naming it and protecting it with the correct password, and then just enter the wifi settings on the laptop to connect to the hotspot.

Alternatively, you can also use USB to share the network by connecting the laptop and mobile device with a USB to MicroUSB cable, and then turn on the USB sharing network from the 

phone’s settings.

PS: Compared with mobile networks, you can always choose broadband providers because their networks have fewer pauses and fast speeds.

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