WHY Does The Smartphone Slow Down After Using It For A Few Months?

WHY Does The Smartphone Slow Down After Using It For A Few Months?

This problem is more common in old Samsung phones with 250,459 RAM or rarely 800 MB approx, such as Samsung duos, Samsung star pro, etc. There are many reasons behind this – We will continue to install new applications on the phone, it will automatically run in the background, and will increase the cache every day. You can find that while continuing to use the application, the data in the settings is increasing every day. More applications will start automatically and run in the background. 

We use many boosters, such as Clean Master, etc., which is very dangerous because it will stop many applications running in the background, but this will start again and consume more resources and reduce mobile performance. solution: Use Greenify instead of Clean master, etc. When Greenify puts the application to sleep, please do not let it start automatically until you start it. (But your phone should be rooted to be green). In the application manager of large applications such as Facebook, please keep deleting data because it will store too much data. 

Uninstall applications that are hardly used. Keep the internal memory as free as possible. Disable unused applications, and cannot uninstall them as Google Playstand, Google Play Book, etc. in an unrooted phone. Restart the phone at least once a day. As the usage rate increases, its cache memory is filled up, which increases the time it takes to obtain the right information from the garbage data heap. There may be another reason for their components. 

We are very familiar with the work of mechanical parts. Over time, they will experience wear and tear, which reduces the chance of reaching their full potential. Our smartphones are composed of semiconductors, which heat and cool when used. Over time, this phenomenon also makes them vulnerable. In order to extend the service life and stability of mobile phones, we must choose manufacturers that can provide high-quality components, such as Apple, Motorola, Blackberry, Sony, InFocus, Microsoft, etc. 

Companies such as Micromax, Lava, Celkon, Karbonn, and others provide smartphones at very affordable prices, but the quality of their components has not reached the standard that affects its performance. Yes, after using a smartphone for a few months, it becomes slower and slower. It is attributed to application data and cache. The reasons are as follows: Cache, Application data There are more apps installed, Junk files, Large files, Store complete data, Untrusted applications, Install unnecessary applications, such as du booster, clean master, other ram cleaners, etc. All of these play an important role in the massive use of processors and RAM. 

How do I know if the phone’s performance is getting worse? Yes, you can find that. There are a few signs here, Phone starts slowly Lag when scrolling between launcher pages Low backup battery Game performance is worse App is slow to load Even slow internet Slow loading of images in the gallery Outdated UI And there are solutions. It only takes an hour to clean the phone. Here are the steps to be performed, Uninstall all unnecessary apps Delete useless images, videos, files, audios, and “.thumbnails” folders in the DCIM folder in the default memory card. 

Install Clean Master (for one use only), then click Clean junk. It deletes most unwanted junk files. Then uninstall it. Clear the cache of each application in “Settings”> “Applications”> “Downloaded” Clear browser cache If you know the recovery options, please perform “wipe Dalvik cache” in the recovery options. If there are no problems with the old version of the application, please try to use them. Because the older version of the application has fewer features, less usage, and less battery consumption. (Not sure it applies to all applications). Then, just restart the phone to feel the change. If these steps will not bring any changes to your phone, then the ultimate step is to back up your files and reset your phone. There are many reasons behind the decline in smartphone speed. 

Here, I listed two important reasons that cause the speed of mobile phones to slow down. 

  1. Memory: Any smartphone has two kinds of memory. One is called main memory or RAM, and the other is called secondary memory or storage. During the installation, use, and update of the application, memory is used. Temporary memory called cache is used to support these types of memory-related operations. The cache will keep filling up until you don’t clear it. Therefore, the memory load will continue to increase. This will slow down the phone speed. 
  2. Heating smartphone hardware, or by a plurality of integrated circuit or IC chips. These chips will heat up more or less every time the mobile phone is used. Diodes in ICs are sometimes damaged by this heat. The malfunction of the diode will cause the phone to slow down. Cache files. 

These files are a bit like junk files created after each application has been used for a period of time. 

Please clear them by entering the settings… 

Loading too many unnecessary applications will cause congestion… 

Stick to the minimum amount. Applications on the phone…..

Free up space on the internal sd card… 

Finally restart the phone at least once a month.

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