What Is The Best Artificial Intelligence Startup In The World Right Now?

What Is The Best Artificial Intelligence Startup In The World Right Now?

According to companies searching for ” artificial intelligence ” or “machine learning” on Crunchbase, the top 10 companies are:

  1. Cloudera
  2. Wheeled
  3. Blippar
  4. hope
  5. Clariffe
  6. InsideSales.com
  7. Domino Data Lab
  8. Narrative Science
  9. Screening science
  10. Veridone

Although I think it is difficult to determine which is the best. Many startups do not classify themselves as AI startups but still rely heavily on technology.

For example, Facebook and Google use a lot of AI in their algorithms to provide their users with the most relevant content.

If you want to further explore who is pushing AI forward, you can see which organizations and individuals have contributed to the popular machine learning repo on Github. I also recommend that you check out and subscribe to “Machine Learning Weekly and Inside AI”.

Disclosure: We have used information from the Tracxn platform to answer this question, which has tracked more than 3,400 artificial intelligence companies. More such industry insights are provided on the Tracxn blog.

Here Are Some Of The Top Startups In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence:

Infrastructure: Companies that provide AI as a service, NLP as a service, and computer vision as a service. These companies provide cloud infrastructure, algorithms, and libraries for creating AI-based applications

Machine Intelligence

  • Sentient.ai (San Francisco, 2007, USD 143.78 million): AI and deep learning on a massive scale
  • DataRobot (2012, Boston, US$ 111.4 million): A machine learning platform for predictive analysis
  • Vicarious (2010, San Francisco, $72 million): Human intelligence in vision, language and motion control
  • H2O.ai (2011, Mountain View, $30.62M): Scalable machine learning API for enterprises
  • Numenta (Redwood City, 2005, US$29.6 million): Machine intelligence software based on the principle of neocortex

Natural Language Processing

  • Mobvoi (2012, Beijing, $256.62M): Chinese speech recognition tool based on NLP
  • SoundHound (Santa Clara, 2005, US$115 million): Developer of mobile applications based on voice recognition
  • Unisound (2012, Beijing, US$ 67.6 million): Speech recognition and language processing start-ups
  • Cogito Corporation (Boston, 2007, US$22.5 million): Sales and service of caller behavioral sciences
  • VoiceBase (2010, Novato, $20M): API for speech recognition and speech analysis

Computer Vision

  • SenseTime (2014, Hong Kong, US$ 190 million): Provides image recognition solutions based on deep learning
  • Megvii (2011, Beijing, US$145 million): facial recognition technology
  • Clarifai (New York, 2013, US$41.25 million): A deep learning-based image and video recognition API provider
  • Cortica (2007, Ramat Gan, US$ 37.9 million): Visual search and in-image analysis technology.
  • Affectiva (Waltham, 2009, US$34 million): Emotional state detection based on deep learning

Enable Technology

KnuEdge (San Diego, 2005, US$100 million): Speech recognition and machine intelligence solutions

Trifacta (2012, San Francisco, $76.3 million): self-service data preparation software

Paxata (2012, Redwood City, $60.99M): Adaptive data preparation platform

Tamr (2012, Cambridge, $41.2 million): Automated data cleaning and management

Graphcore (2016, $30 million): machine learning processor for accelerating AI processing

two. Application Enterprise: A company that develops artificial intelligence-based applications for various functions within the enterprise

Business Intelligence And Analysis

  • Palantir (2004, Palo Alto, $2.32B): Intelligence products that enhance human-driven analysis
  • Dataminr (2009, New York City, $ 175.4 million): Social media analysis
  • Ayasdi (2008, Palo Alto, $108.13M): Intelligent Platform for Machine Learning Industry
  • Attivio (2007, Newton, $102M): Data discovery, integration and enterprise search
  • Voyager Labs (2012, Hod Hasharon, $100 million): Cloud-based social media analysis solution

Enterprise Security

  • Cylance (2012, Irvine, $177 million): A machine learning-based threat detection solution for endpoint devices
  • Darktrace (2013, Cambridge, $104.50M): Adaptive threat detection based on machine learning
  • ThreatMetrix (San Jose, 2005, US$ 92.45 million): Fraud prevention and context-based authentication solutions
  • Cybereason (2012, Tel Aviv, $88.6 million): Endpoint threat detection and response based on machine learning
  • Vectra Networks (2009, San Jose, $77.80M): Machine learning and behavior analysis based on continuous threat attack detection


  • BloomReach (2009, Mountain View, US$ 97 million): A machine intelligence platform for customer analysis and site optimization
  • Networked Insights (Madison, 2006, $80 million): Audience analysis and content marketing platform
  • Persado (2012, New York City, $66M): Marketing optimization with machine learning
  • Kahuna (2012, Palo Alto, $58M): Mobile marketing and communication automation
  • Emarsys (2000, Vienna, $55.30M): B2C marketing personalized platform


  • InsideSales.com (2004, Provo, $251.20M): Cloud-based predictive lead management system
  • Radius (2009, San Francisco, $132.85M): Predictive marketing and sales platform
  • EverString (2012, San Mateo, $78.7 million): Sales and marketing platform based on Predictive Analytics
  • Lattice (2006, San Mateo, $75 million): Lead scoring and conversion application for marketing and sales
  • Conversica (2007, Foster City, US$56 million): AI-based Lead Analytics and interactive platform

Customer Service

  • Interaction (2004, Franklin, $159.72M): Automated omnichannel customer service
  • Clarabridge (Reston, 2006, US$124.94 million): Customer Intelligence Platform
  • Afiniti (2006, Washington, DC, US$100 million): afiniti provides caller and agent corporate behavior matching through the application of artificial intelligence technology.
  • CallMiner (Fort Myers, 2002, US$53.33 million): Conversation Analysis Software Solution
  • Robotic process automation: companies that provide AI-based applications for enterprise process automation

WorkFusion (2010, New York City, $ 71.3 million): Robotic process automation, workforce orchestration and machine learning merge into one

  • Arago (1995, Frankfurt am Main, USD 55 million): AI-based business process automation solution
  • HyperScience (New York, 2013, $ 28.88 million): Data processing and automation based on artificial intelligence
  • Celaton (2004, Buckingham, $3.95M): Intelligent automation for content processing
  • Text Analysis Solution (Bangalore, 2004, USD 250,000): Infrastructure for information processing and analysis
  1. Application industry: companies that use artificial intelligence technology to develop applications for different industries.

Healthcare And Pharmaceuticals

  • Modern Medicine (2010, Boca Raton, $328.74M): Provide machine learning technology for EMR in specific specialties
  • iCarbonX (2015, Shenzhen, $215.07M): Big data and artificial intelligence-driven platform for analyzing omics data and phenotypic, social and environmental information
  • Butterfly Network (2011, Guildford, $100 million): Ultrasound-based low-cost portable imaging device using machine learning technology
  • Benevolent AI (London, 2013, US$877 million): AI for drug discovery and drug development
  • Freenome (2014, Palo Alto, $71.30M): A deep learning platform for detecting circulating cancer-related markers


  • Kreditech (2012, Hamburg, $281.13M): Personal loans based on big data points
  • WeLab (2013, Hong Kong, US$180 million): Alternative loan solutions for consumers
  • P Omni Prime (2014, Shanghai, USD 137.8 million): Mobile-based purchase financing solution
  • Kensho (2010, Cambridge, US$ 108 million): Smart Market Research

Retail And E-Commerce

  • Blippar (London, 2011, US$99M): Visual discovery browser using augmented reality and image recognition
  • Trax (2010, Tel Aviv, $83.6 million): Image recognition software.
  • Blue Yonder (2008, Karlsruhe, US$75 million): Predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence
  • Twiggle (2013, Tel Aviv, USD 33 million): Using AI to improve product search and discovery
  • Prism Skylabs (2011, San Francisco, USD 24 million): video analysis


  • Zoox (2013, Menlo Park, $290 million): Stealth mode robotic taxi startup
  • Navya Technology (2014, Paris, $38.50M): Autonomous electric shuttle
  • nuTonomy (2013, Massachusetts, $19.6 million): self-driving cars and autonomous robots
  • CloudMade (2007, London, USD 16.06 million): Connected car solutions
  • Neurala (2006, Cambridge, $16.24M): Development of software for the autonomy of drones and robots

Application Consumer: A company that develops AI-enabled applications/systems for consumer use cases

Smart Device

  • Roobo (2014, Beijing, US$100 million): Developer of smart robots, VR and drones
  • Jibo (2012, Boston, $68.4 million): Personal speech recognition social robot
  • Turing Robot (2011, Beijing, US$15.7 million): AI robot company
  • Emotech (2014, London, USD 10.74 million): A personal social robot with an AI-based personality that evolves over time

App Consumer Chatbot

  • Ozlo (2013, Palo Alto, $14 million): chat-based AI assistant robot
  • Magic (2015, San Francisco, US$12.12 million): Provide any content on-demand only via SMS
  • Mezi (2015, San Francisco, $1,180M): Text-based personal shopping assistant and concierge service
  • Kasissto (2013, Menlo Park, $11.5 million): Conversational AI solutions for mobile applications
  • Sherpa (2012, Erandio, $8.2 million): Personal assistant and search engine through voice commands

The artificial intelligence market is growing exponentially worldwide. According to research, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow from USD 1.41 billion in 2017 to USD 8.81 billion in 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44.1%. The global artificial intelligence as a service market is expected to reach 480.94 from 2015 Million dollars will increase to 5,394.87 million dollars in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 41.2%.

Therefore, artificial intelligence engineers are now the fastest-growing positions in the world. Do you know how many companies are engaged in artificial intelligence? Well, there are many. But today, I will list the incredible top 50 startups worldwide.

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