Why Do You Prefer Artificial Intelligence?

Why Do You Prefer Artificial Intelligence?

The world’s number one Dota player is defeated by a computer. Elon Musk’s AI team has developed an AI robot that can practice games for 2 weeks and beat top DOTA players. This is ai bot dendi. It dispels all myths about AI and establishes awareness of the continued existence of AI.

After the award, the reporter asked the AI ​​developers about the work of the bot. We instructed it to learn only from confrontation with ourselves, so we did not hard-code it in any strategy, nor did we learn it from human experts, just from the beginning, it has been competing with the copy. itself. It starts with complete randomness, then makes small improvements, and ends up at a professional level. The robot only took 2 weeks to master the game and beat the top players. One thing is 100% accurate, The perseverance of a computer is unlimited.

They can complete a lot of calculations in a fraction of a second. They can digest big data and derive meaning from it in a few seconds. With the advancement of hardware and software, the functions of computers have become endless. The future of AI is very bright. We only need one smart software for the PC, the rest will be handled by the machine itself.

Because from machine learning to Python language skills: the six technical skills that can get the highest salary are gradually replacing the workplace, which is one of the reasons why “human workers” have become redundant. As a result, we have seen reports about company layoffs time and time again. Although one can imagine the impact of automation in other industries, what does this mean for the technology industry? People believe that the adoption of new technologies is one of the key reasons for layoffs. If skilled workers have not received advanced skills training, the prospects for the future labor force will be even bleaker.

Intelligence means weighing before making a decision, which means it’s easy to make mistakes. Whether this intelligence is biological or artificial, it will not really work. Therefore, in my opinion, the quality of decision-making will not be a reason to prefer artificial intelligence. Unless we are talking about restricted/specialized intelligence. Expert system, so to speak. They will enable us to drive cars more safely, have already flown most airplanes, and can help doctors with diagnoses, etc.

It will be a long time for the artificial intelligence system to make people unemployed. There must be a huge industry to build artificial intelligence machines to increase employment. I think about 100 or more years is a reasonable time before we have the simplest AI system actually working. Don’t forget, we know almost anything about the working principle of HI (Human Intelligence), and we don’t have much basis for building an artificial version.

This will save me the trouble of performing simple tasks that machines can easily accomplish for me. It’s like a computer that drives my car to wash the car, and I do some more important things (such as eating breakfast) (time management).

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