Facebook Contests – a Way To Increase Engagement On The Company’s Fan Page.

Facebook Contests – a Way To Increase Engagement On The Company’s Fan Page.

Reaching your target group is an important element in the operation of any company. It is worth using all means for this purpose, including promoting your own brand by organizing Facebook contests. The portal itself defines the concept of engagement as “the number of people who clicked anywhere on your post.” This applies to likes and to comments or sharing and reactions to this content. In short, commitment is, therefore, all responses. Increased engagement means an increase in the number of fans and, at the same time, an increase in the reach, i.e., the circle to which the information published by the company reaches.

What competition to organize?

Practice clearly says that the competitions are most often photographic. However, nothing prevents you from organizing those that include writing a text on a specific topic or making a film. It all depends on the organizer’s creativity. However, remember that the task for the contestants should not be too complicated, as it may discourage users from being active.

Increased commitment – what steps to take?

Organizing Facebook contests significantly increases the reach of our fan page. We need to encourage contestants to comment, like, or share our posts to achieve this. Thanks to this, not only people directly interested in the competition will visit our fan page or even a website because the information about liking this page will also be displayed to their friends, which effectively increases the interest in our profile.

When creating a competition task, we must bear in mind the website regulations that prohibit certain practices.

Contests effectively increase the engagement of the Facebook community by generating traffic on the fan page or website. It is worth remembering that the company website itself should periodically and regularly notify about the status of a specific competition, about its completion date, and encourage participation in the project. In addition, after the competition is adjudicated, it is worth publicly announcing the winner and, if possible, posting his statement regarding the prize received.

Which contests are the most popular?

Research shows that the competitions that are the most popular, and at the same time, build the most significant engagement of Facebook users are those that last up to 7 days. At the same time, it is worth considering organizing a two-stage or even a daily competition, in which one person is awarded each day while indicating that the competition will last several days, during which each fan has a chance to win another attractive prize.

Of course, it is worth emphasizing that the awards as mentioned above should be adequate to the tasks set for the contestants. Making a 30-second video in exchange for the opportunity to win a PLN 10 voucher will not interest the community.

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