How To Advertise On Pinterest?

How To Advertise On Pinterest?

Pinterest has been at the forefront of websites where users make purchases for several years now. Therefore, the number of companies using it to maximize profits at low cost is constantly growing. How to do it most effectively? You will find the answer below – meanwhile, first, check if your target is using Pinterest.

Who are the users?

Of the 250 million users, 81% are women. Most of the users of the platform are between 18 and 40 years old. Millennials are particularly eager to use it – as often as Instagram. Interestingly, as many as 93% of users confirm that they use Pinterest to plan their expenses. Purchases at Pinterest’s recommendation have already been made by 87%, with the majority being inspired more than once.

How to advertise?

  1. Stock is the sales engine. You have less than a second to attract a potential customer on Pinterest. The graphics you put on can’t be good – they have to be perfect. Intermediate quality is the worst option, and you will only lose, so be prepared to invest or give up at the very beginning.
  2. The outline counts – Pinterest users clearly admit that they are looking for an idea on the platform; usually, they don’t know what they want. And this is the answer to the question “what do I want, what do I need?” you have to pass by photo. Therefore, the product itself is not enough. It would be best to have an outline and the story the photo tells to translate it into your own reality.
  3. Hashtags – are even more critical than on Instagram. Here they are, the engine you won’t go without. Based on hashtags, suggestions for the user are built, and the search results are presented based on hashtags. However, following the principle “The more, the better” is not good. Inaccurate descriptions will certainly be reported to the administrators. Users are extremely sensitive to what they see, and they require a perfect fit.
  4. Create and pin – Create thematic boards, including your products and inspiration on the topic. Do not limit your profile to your company only, and you can only lose it. Remember that it’s better to promote ideas than specific products. For example, if you sell teas, talk about healthy eating, if you sell shoes, talk about styles, etc.
  5. Inform – don’t forget to add the price and forget about long descriptions next to your pins. To be factual, users value information when they find something interesting.
  6. Be active – observe, react, pin new things – if you do not use the website, you will drown. The more you use, the more information from your profile spreads.
  7. Check and analyze the information Pinterest presents to you when you have a business account. Draw conclusions and then improve your content.

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