The Future Of Social Media, What Will Be The Next Hit?

The Future Of Social Media, What Will Be The Next Hit?

There are a few industries that change as quickly as social media. Specialists must constantly be up to date, not only with trends and news from the developers of applications or social networks themselves, but most of all know what is happening on the market. Fashionable places to share your own life with community groups constantly evolve. So you always have to be one step ahead of your target group and anticipate what will squeak in the grass. What will be the next hits of social media?


A hit among the Z generation, i.e., those born after 2000, It seems quite recently, but they are already 18! They are adults (or mostly almost adults) and constantly look for places to express themselves. They found. TikTok (previously known to everyone, is an application that allows you to add short films to famous music and create amateur music videos from them.

Of course, the application is equipped with hundreds of beloved and known filters, even from Snapchat, thousands of music tracks, or dialogues from famous movies. The number of downloads speaks for itself – it is a hit in the West (and China, after the merger of the two companies and finally the creation of the new TikTok), and in Poland.

While TikTok doesn’t offer direct targeting of targeted advertising, it’s a great platform for influencer marketing targeting young people. In this respect, it works similarly to the well-known YouTube – we contact the selected influencer who places our product in his video.

Here, however, it is worth remembering to leave the influencers with whom we work the opportunity to show off in terms of creativity. Only then does our campaign have a chance to be successful and successfully reach a young audience.

Facebook Dating

After the success of Tinder, the time has come for the global giant to take over the dating world. For now, Colombia users (over 18) can use the option, but it is possible that this solution will also come to us slowly. Facebook Dating works like most dating apps. However, we do not have to worry that our Facebook friends will know that we are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend – the service is not fully connected to our account and requires re-registration.

We have to wait for the advertising opportunities that the application will ultimately offer. From experience we have with Facebook, we can assume that the methods of targeting ads from selected industries will be very large.

Real-time video omnipresence

Video – this phenomenon needs no introduction. The video content took over social media. Its advantage is both the arousing great commitment, the undemanding way of receiving, and algorithms. However, it is becoming more and more popular to go a step further, which is to bet on live broadcasts.

When content is only available here, and now, for a while, interest grows. This requires a lot of concentration from the recipient, thanks to which he does not only look at the material briefly. The only thing left is the choice of platform. And this one is wide because live broadcasts can be broadcast (and received, of course) on virtually all available social media channels.

To advertising your own products or services, it is worth using the power of guides here in the form of live broadcasts or meetings with various experts in our field (for example, on the basis of cooperation with influencers). Providing viewers with useful content allows them to keep them for longer with our company’s offer and build an image of a brand that is not only an intrusive seller but, above all, cares about customers’ good and wants to provide them with something valuable.

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