How To Promote Yourself On LinkedIn?

How To Promote Yourself On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a unique social networking platform that differs significantly from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It brings together entrepreneurs and specialists in their field – people who promote themselves not with beautifully made photos or short funny posts but with their knowledge and skills. Content is king, and on LinkedIn, this principle is most prominent. Therefore, promoting your company there is not the easiest task – you have to have an idea.

Fine-tune your profile

Think of it as a business card – it is he who has to say directly what kind of person you are, what you know and what you are most passionate about. First impressions are crucial in any industry, and the fact that it comes from the Internet does not change much. If your profile is inaccurately completed or, on the contrary, terribly long-winded, you will not make a good impression on potential clients or partners.

Above all, try to be professional without bragging or convincing yourself about your own worth. Your profile and the company’s profile are to be its testimony. Also, think about what sets you apart. If you have successes, publications, interesting training – don’t hide it. This type of activity, the conscious building of your brand, shows how good you are.

Share your knowledge

You don’t have to say over and over again that you are a true specialist in your industry. It is enough to show it – preferably by sharing your knowledge with others. It’s not worth keeping information to yourself. By creating articles that are not too extensive, interesting and, above all, specific (100% meat!), You show your worth. Such activities show that you enrich your industry. You are becoming credible, and this is already a real success. The more important issues you discuss, the more advice you give to or are interested in the industry, the more influential you become.

Don’t forget about your readers. Post your entries regularly, for example, twice a week, preferably on certain days. If you do not have writing skills, it is difficult for you to collect your thoughts and put them into words nicely, using the services of a professional copywriter. But remember – ideas and knowledge should come from you, not from him. Also, comment on the answers, give advice if asked, and most of all, avoid arguing.

Users may not always agree with you, but it should not provoke you to say harsh words. Sometimes one too harsh, the rude answer is enough to lose it in the eyes of users. If you remain a professional who can admit to a mistake or a certain lack of knowledge on a given issue, your credibility will increase significantly.

Be visible

LinkedIn allows you to join newsgroups, ask questions, and answer them. This is another place where you should be as active as possible. Why? Groups give you the opportunity to answer other users’ questions. By dispelling the doubts of others on the issues you know, you gain new potential customers or people who can recommend you further. In this way, you show that your skills exist not only on paper – you can use them in practice.

Thanks to discussions, you can also follow topics of interest to your target group to learn about all important unknown issues. You will certainly gain a lot if you describe at length a problem that is unclear to them. In this way, you will show interest in your recipients, as well as the ability to listen to their needs. This is how you find your customers.

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