Make Money On Twitter. Conditions For Starting Super Follow

Make Money On Twitter. Conditions For Starting Super Follow

Will you be able to make money on Twitter?

It was announced a few months ago that we are planning to operate a billing system called 

“Super Follow” that allows Twitter to pay people who follow and get special content. But not everyone can make money using this Super Follow.

First of all, in order to get a super follower and charge, it seems that you have to meet certain conditions. Super Follow is a subscription service, and it seems that by paying money, you will be able to browse and use special content in addition to regular tweets, and you will be able to join community groups, but to the sender, The conditions for becoming are as follows.

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Have more than 10,000 followers already
  • At least 25 tweets in the last 30 days

Twitter seems to be hoping that users will be able to make more money by doing what they like by using this super follow function.

In the above tweet, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong showed me a little about what Super Follow is like, but you can see the screen “earnings estimator (expected income)”. In the case of this person, if 2% of followers super follow for $ 4.99 a month (about 530 yen), the monthly income will be $ 6,250 (about 680,000 yen).

“Share something a little special with your favorite followers and make money every month. Followers can have a more personal experience with bonus content and you can make money with what you make. You can get it. Isn’t this a win-win? “Twitter says.

At the moment, Twitter has not stated that the price setting is clear, but it seems that it is expected that the monthly fee will be $ 4.99 (about 530 yen). Some of them are on Twitter, which is a platform, but the rest are for the person himself.

It is not possible to automatically create a super follow system under the conditions listed above, and it seems that you have to specify the content category, etc., and apply by yourself. In addition, it seems that there are categories such as “adult content” and “fans only” that have not been considered very good on SNS platforms.

Well, I’m looking forward to what kind of function it will be and how it will become a new form of income for SNS.

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