Breadcrumbs – What Is It? What Are The Crumbs On The Page?

Breadcrumbs – What Is It? What Are The Crumbs On The Page?

Breadcrumbs are used to define the path taken by an internet user on our website. It shows where the visitor is at a given moment and allows you to return to previously viewed subpages easily. It is a great convenience for the user and can also be used to strengthen SEO activities. That is why we will do well to implement such a solution also at home. 

What do breadcrumbs look like?

We’ve probably encountered this method more than once when visiting various websites. Its operation is very simple: at the top of the page, the full path of subpages visited by the user is displayed. It is somewhat similar to the path of folders in the operating system – when we go to the next subfolder, the path we have traveled is displayed at the top of the window. It looks similar on the website and makes it incredibly easy to navigate through it.

An example path from “breadcrumbs” might look like this:

Home> Subpage> Category> Subcategory> Product

Importance of breadcrumbs for SEO

“Okruszki” not only facilitates navigation for the website user but also for the search engine. Thanks to properly prepared paths, we indicate keywords that define our website. This action is necessary for the search engine to be able to combine many subpages within one internet address skillfully. In addition, it increases the chance of being included in search results because it answers a much larger number of queries.

Equally important, breadcrumbs are useful for internal linking much more efficiently. Thanks to properly prepared navigation, we strengthen and increase internal traffic on the website. In a way, this is done by reducing the bounce rate because we make the use of the website much easier and faster. Even if a given offer does not appeal to an Internet user, convenient navigation may encourage him to look at other options.

Why should you add breadcrumbs to your website?

The first and most important reason is the ratio of work to effect. It is a short text in a basic font that neither takes up much space on the site nor slows down the site. We will implement “breadcrumbs” in a very simple way, which will dramatically increase the attractiveness of the website in the eyes of Internet users. If we provide him with convenience, he will stay with us longer, and this has a positive effect on Google rankings because the search engine will find our site much more attractive. Easier indexing is also important.

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