Pros And Cons Of Choosing a Free Web Domain

Pros And Cons Of Choosing a Free Web Domain

When we talk about a free web domain, we are referring to a subdomain offered by the company that is providing you with the service if you have a web project. You want to publicize your website’s domain or have a well-known brand; This is not a recommended option because the company’s name will always appear in your domain; for example, “personal” or something like this is what companies that offer free domains offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a free web domain


  • The web domain the company will give you will only be a subdomain of its main domain.
  • Companies often advertise your site to grant you the domain for free.
  • It is not recommended for projects you want to monetize because free domains commonly have a bad reputation in search engine, making their web positioning difficult.
  • Deceptive offers you domains without advertising just for hosting your site with them, these types of offers are not recommended at all because they register the domain in their name. When your website is somewhat successful, problems begin to appear.


  • Not everything can be disadvantaged, but we also found several positive points. If you do not want anything serious and just want a web address where they can access to see the stories of your life or the stories you write, this would be an excellent option.
  • Just if you are starting and want to experiment with the free options to learn, it is also a good option because you will not have to spend anything, and you will get your web domain to learn and experience everything you want.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing a free domain; in many cases, it is the most convenient, but in others, it is necessary to opt for a paid domain that can be found for a few dollars per year and does not entail many expenses.

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