User Experience, The Future Of Search Engine Marketing

User Experience, The Future Of Search Engine Marketing

User Experience means “user experience.” This term describes the whole experience that the recipient experiences when using the application. Currently, internet search engine are looking for ways to measure these experiences, for example, with the Core Web Vitals tool. Thanks to it, we know how users see our website:

  • How fast it loads.
  • Whether the interactions are smooth.
  • How quickly the website is usable after opening.

A frustrated surfer is a lost surfer.

The negative User Experience that occurs when using the Internet is frustrating. Many people want to find information quickly – and then they come across broken pages or broken links. Ultimately, a few minutes of research lasts up to half an hour. Such a recipient will definitely not return to websites that have spoiled his blood.

Marketers can get so lost in numbers and in measuring their own achievements that they forget about the man on the other side of the equation. And this is what we create for him! If we prepare the site with beautiful graphics, the user may not see them at all if the site loads for years. That is why it takes a little empathy to create a good EU. What does this mean exactly?

Try a different life

So, literally, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. Click on your advertisement, fill in the form, download the newsletter, read the text on the website … Sometimes, only then do we notice elements that simply do not play well. Errors are often the result of a lack of communication. The marketing person won’t read the copywriter’s article, inspect the graphic designer, check the posting days, and so on. Meanwhile, it is worth checking how the brand looks like a whole from the other side.

Listen carefully and open your mind

The worst mistake is to ignore criticism. If we encounter negative comments, we should not take them personally but analyze them and draw conclusions. Such a look from the outside, especially when you like your website, can be refreshing and point out mistakes that are invisible to you. Therefore, the most important thing is to listen!

Reject prejudice

Sometimes it seems to us that everything is obvious and simple. Do you sell a product for men? So your audience is men. But are you sure? After checking the statistics, something completely different may turn out – that their partners are looking for gifts from you. Then it would be worth writing an appropriate article with tips or preparing an additional product tab, wouldn’t it?

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