Instagram stories – what Is It? How To Attract Viewers On Instagram

Instagram stories – what Is It? How To Attract Viewers On Instagram

Nothing gets more attention on Instagram Stories. This format allows you to show information about the company, and according to the platform itself – 1/3 of the most-watched reports are those from companies. Users are eager to check what is squeaking in the grass, and they do it with these inconspicuous thumbnails at the top of the application screen. How to use them? Here are five ways.

First – authenticity

It may seem strange, but photos without any post-processing are the best. Why? Because it allows our viewers to look behind the scenes of the company day without any Photoshop or filters. When Facebook commissioned a user survey (from the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, US), it found that most of them prefer to browse stories rather than posts because it is unfiltered live content and therefore much more authentic than fancy and posed photos. So – do not be afraid of imperfections, but show the good side of your company!

Second – give the floor to the audience.

A great option is to share what your customers post about you. Maybe someone posted a post with a review of our product or service? Has anyone tagged us in a report or sent us a private thank you message? It’s always worth sharing this type of material in our stories. Let it burst with life!

Third – storytelling. Tell me!

An account is a great place for stories. Here you can recall the beginnings of the company, mention everyday challenges, share anecdotes. Tell about your team members, the mascot, your favourite place in the office. Let real faces appear behind the logo, not just dry words “our team”. In stories, you can share stories via video or text on a neutral background. There may be several such episodes.

Fourth – presentation of services and products

Relationships are a great way to show off your offer. Announce new products, promotions and sales here, and they will reach more users. You can upload a product testing video here and finally add a link to this beautiful and stylized profile post. Thanks to this, the recipient will be delighted with a nice photo and see first-hand how a given thing really works.

Fifth – share tutorials

In stories, you can expand users’ knowledge about your industry and what you do. In this way, you provide a valuable dose of information and become an expert in a given field. We guarantee that the viewer will come back for it!

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