How To Get More Instagram Followers (Fast)

How To Get More Instagram Followers (Fast)

Instagram Followers: 500 million active users daily, and almost 80% of them are looking for a product or service – this is what Instagram looks like today. In Poland, this platform is used by 7 million people. And how to attract new recipients to your account? With the right strategy.

The competition is fierce, but don’t be tempted to take shortcuts. Buying Instagram likes and Instagram followers is a terrible idea because it can have a negative impact on your image in no time. Therefore, the only good way is to get to know Instagram’s mechanisms like your own pocket and use them smartly.

The right target will repeat it ad nauseam: the foundation and the key to a successful campaign are finding the right audience. Thanks to this, you can adapt your content to it, and you will not waste time on actions that will not bring results because, for example, your product is not attractive to teenagers, but you stubbornly want to hit them. Research shows that the most numerous group on Instagram are women aged 25-34, so if your offer is targeted at them, this platform will be perfect for you.

High-quality multimedia

Instagram is a visual platform – its content is based on photos and graphics. It is artistic and aesthetic images that attract attention here. Create a format that will visually distinguish your brand and ensure quality, and you’ll find that new Instagram followers will notice you.


These tags allow you to navigate Instagram. The app allows a maximum of 30 hashtags in one post, but that doesn’t mean you should include that many! It only takes 10 or less to tag your content well. Identify a few words that best represent your content and use them in every post. Then, depending on the case, add one that will describe a specific photo. Remember to use targeting here as well – don’t just enter all the hashtags you can think of!

Reply to comments

Social media is about connecting with your audience, right? Therefore, it is worth encouraging comments and answering, but not only to questions. Use every opportunity to discuss with your Instagram followers. It is important that you do it in a “human” way and not in a generic way. For example, joking statements are in good taste if your company profile matches it. Of course, always be polite. And be patient – it may be useful to you more than once!

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