Google Ad Manager – What Should You Know?

Google Ad Manager – What Should You Know?

Google Ad Manager: Are you wondering how to earn more with Google Ads? Of course, you can buy additional ads. But why, when it is better to optimize management and thus develop your business? This is where Google Ad Manager will help you.

Agent for special tasks

This ad management platform is great for direct advertising sales. Ad Manager gives us detailed control and supports multiple ad networks at once. With this one service, we can manage revenue from all types of inventory (i.e., websites, mobile apps, videos, and games). It also helps when you are competing for ad inventory on external networks.

Among these types of tools, we also have AdSense or AdMob, which may turn out to be more effective depending on the activity you run.

According to everyone’s needs

Google Ad Manager is a place where you can define your inventory, create campaigns, manage them and generate reports on specific data. In a word – publishers use this tool to manage all their advertising activities.

There are several versions of Ad Manager available. The free one is best for small business, serving up to 150 million ad impressions per month (but this number may vary by country). Besides, most of the basic functions are also available.

If that is not enough, you can buy the option Ad Manager 360. There are no restrictions anymore, and you get access to all possibilities by subscribing.

How it’s working?

Let’s follow the mechanism step by step. First, we define our inventory (also known as ad units), which are the places where we want to show our ads. In response, the Ad Manager generates a tag for each ad unit.

This snippet of code (tag) is placed on the page or app, and when the user enters the site, the ad tag sends a request from the Ad Manager.

This is how we create orders and their elements, i.e., “campaigns.” They correspond to transactions with advertisers or entities that purchase your inventory. Ad Manager itself has the option to select the best ad to display when responding to the request.

Reports (customizable) will be an invaluable help in determining which ads were displayed in which places and how much you can earn thanks to this.

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