How To Hit Generation Z With Advertising In 2022?

How To Hit Generation Z With Advertising In 2022?

Generation Z: Technological advances have made the generational gap today greater than ever. So how to effectively create marketing content for young adults? We believe that the time of great changes is yet to come. The new approach is already becoming a fact, so we want to show its direction. We have prepared 4 pillars on which campaigns targeting Generation Z in 2022 will be based.

Authenticity really honest

The generation entering adulthood was born in 2001, so it was brought up in a world based on the rapid exchange of information and changing technologies. Young people can be called digital nomads in the full sense of the word. Adapted to filtering large amounts of content, they perfectly know all the methods used in marketing. They decode codes, depreciating falsehood in seconds. Losing authenticity means losing trust for them, and it can be fatal to the brand.

Content for the new times

Even the best quality post flies down the feed one minute after publication, actually ageing in the next hour. In 2022, the focus should be on creating interesting content – users must be willing to come back to it. Once again, we advise you to rely on real authenticity, supported by an unconventional approach. Creativity is becoming more necessary than ever, and ideas must keep pace with the rushing world. 

Gamification is a must

We believe that in 2022, games will become the basis for changes driving marketing aimed at Generation Z. The decades in use will only become a common practice more widely used in the coming months. Effective customer loyalty to the brand will be based on gamification because only the ability to test yourself against other users is something worth associating with the brand for. We are convinced that the new loyalty applications will become games, for example, something of a successor to Pokemon GO, which is still attractive to many.

The operating philosophy is more important than the product.

Generation Z is aware of the threats and challenges facing society today. For us marketers, this means a change of mindset. The product is not the most important; the way it was created is much more important because it will be a determinant of social responsibility and care for the common good. We believe that this situation can be taken advantage of by combining the company’s values ​​with a production process shown for educational purposes. Both of these spheres interpenetrate; therefore, they will be able to engage the audience.

Regardless of what we create, an effective campaign will not succeed; we are sure of that. And also that there will definitely be no time to rest on our laurels.

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