Lead – What Is It And How To Get It?

Lead – What Is It And How To Get It?

Lead: When operating on the market, a company must acquire as many customers as possible, and the most modern ways to attract attention are based on the use of innovation. One of them is the so-called lead that is used to gain customers in the internet space.

There are several types of leads. In this article, we will try to discuss what they are for, how to handle them, and how to get the most out of them.

What are leads?

Lead is an entity that is ready to take advantage of our offer. Suppose we know the details of a potential contractor, i.e., e-mail address, telephone number, name, as well as their purchasing needs and behavior. In that case, we are able to create an attractive offer and use it for negotiations.

Generating leads is the marketing department’s responsibility, but sales departments also actively use them. Both teams should define what elements a specific lead must contain because different information should appear in it depending on the client. A well-defined list allows you to determine the best moment to sell.

Thanks to such activities, we can build lists of potential customers and create sales leads from them, i.e., consumers ready to make a purchase. Managing this process allows you to convert the user’s interest into measurable purchasing decisions.

How to get valuable leads?

Marketing tools work best for this. Depending on the industry, these can be telemarketing, events, or content marketing. It’s worth adjusting the methods to your business and strategy; a cosmetics manufacturer will use something different than a distributor of advanced heat pumps.

Regardless of the brand, however, a well-positioned website is essential. The basis is a landing page where the user can leave his data in exchange for a reward called a link magnet. It can be a link to a free e-book, a webinar ticket, or a discount code.

Another method is the so-called cold mailing, i.e., an automated newsletter. For this, it is enough to build a subscriber base and then create personalized messages. You should also not ignore content marketing, which will build brand awareness about our brand.

Types of leads

We can distinguish:

  • hot lead, i.e., customers ready to buy who came to us on recommendation or asked for an offer,
  • warm lead, i.e., consumers interested in a product without the willingness to finalize the transaction,
  • cold lead, i.e., contacts with customers who may be interested in the offer in the future.

Each of these leads requires a different service from the marketing department.

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