Scalable Sales: The Key To Business Development And Scalability

Scalable Sales: The Key To Business Development And Scalability

Scalable sales: how to turn marketing and sales departments into a machine driving the development and expansion of the company? We will learn about the latest models and practices that will allow us to meet new customer needs and sales challenges. 

Scalability is a feature that distinguishes companies that have a chance to increase their operations and enter new markets. What is the key to building an easily replicated business?

When do sales become a barrier, and how to make sales a tool for accelerating growth?

Suppose we have two restaurants in a city. The owner of the first one is an excellent cook who likes to experiment and provides delicious quality dishes. On the other hand, the second restaurant serves fewer gourmet dishes but has better-described products. It turns out that the latter will be worth a lot more because such a business model can be easily replicated and expanded into new markets.

How to identify business scalability problems?

To identify the factors that block scalability, you should look at your sales structure and make sure our sales force covers all available space.

It is worth competing not only in terms of the products themselves but also in the sales process itself, and this requires the seller to become an advisor, educate customers and show the opportunities for their business development. An additional advantage of this approach is the fact that you can also discover customer needs so that we can respond to them in a better way.

Business scalability is enhanced by the digitization of sales and products, as anything that is digital can be easily copied.

Building organizations and sales processes supporting the company’s development in modern markets

Mark Roberge, senior lecturer at the Entrepreneurial Management Unit (Harvard Business School), teaches sales and marketing as part of MBA programs. Previously, he worked as SVP of Global Sales and Services at HubSpot, where he scaled annual revenues from $ 0 million to $ 100 million and expanded his team from 1 to 450 employees. It ranked 19th on the Forbes Top 30 Social Sellers in the World and won the seller of the Year Award at the 2010 MIT Sales Conference.

Selling is not magic: the right procedures and data analysis can make sales predictable and scalable.

Scalable sales are the key to business development. Sales departments should change the way they talk to customers. We shouldn’t treat all customers the same way. This involves the need to change procedures, including popular sales scripts that do not take into account the nuances related to the differences between different customers. The main mistake of salespeople is to apply a solution that works for one customer to all others. Nowadays, it cannot work anymore because we should approach each client more individually, based on the available data.

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