The role of the cloud in business. How does a local Google Cloud partner support digital transformation?

The role of the cloud in business. How does a local Google Cloud partner support digital transformation?

Google Cloud Partner :Enterprises today have much wider access to technology than a few years ago. Those who stick to traditional methods often fall to a lower position. On the other hand, companies that are able to adapt and consciously use new solutions take the lead and build a leadership position. Let’s look at the issue of digital transformation and one of its most important elements – the public cloud.

What does “digital transformation” mean?

Digital transformation is engaging digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes and organizational culture and ensure that the customer experience increases the enterprise’s value, efficiency, or level of innovation.

Digital transformation can involve different areas of the enterprise, such as:

  • introducing tools to improve internal communication and appropriate employee education in terms of their service,
  • enabling access to company documents from anywhere, and not only from a company computer in the office (according to the remote-first strategy ),
  • automatic reading of customer needs based on behavior and generating a personalized offer on the e-commerce website,
  • automation of repetitive processes related to the operation of corporate infrastructure.

The important role of the public cloud

The event that contributed to the revolution in business was the availability of cloud technologies to the market.

The public cloud is a global infrastructure managed by a provider. Cloud users have access to hundreds of advanced services without the need to purchase their own physical hardware, install any software, or perform updates or maintenance. They can use the same technologies that well-known corporations use – Google, PayPal, Twitter – whether they run a medium-sized company or are a novice startup. Cloud services are billed on a pay-as-you-use basis, that is, per actual consumption, making the solution scalable and cost flexible.

Google is one of the most popular cloud service providers. The giant provides the same technologies that it uses to build and develop its projects: Google Search, Google Ads mechanisms, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Translator or for internal communication between corporate employees.

We have over 200 cloud services available in Google Cloud, including:

  • a safe and convenient Gmail mailbox,
  • cloud drive – individual space and shared drives for teams,
  • a videoconference platform with the possibility of conducting webinars, remote lessons or brainstorming,
  • online text file editors, spreadsheets or presentations with the possibility of team editing in real-time,
  • a range of virtual machines, from lightweight servers for websites and mobile applications to high-specification VMs dedicated to parallel computing or ML model training,
  • serverless platforms enabling faster development and publishing of applications with automated support for the entire infrastructure,
  • relational and non-relational databases in the cloud and data warehouses for Big Data analysis,
  • environments for handling applications in containers and orchestrating Kubernetes clusters,
  • a platform for the development of Internet of Things projects,
  • ready-made models of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Who is a Google Cloud Partner?

Going through the digital transformation process yourself is not easy. Therefore, in order to adapt to new technologies faster and more effectively, service providers develop a network of local partner companies. Also, Google runs an affiliate program that supports sales, proper service and development of the full potential of the proposed services. Partner companies are located worldwide and act as an intermediary between Google and end customers using cloud services. In order to obtain and maintain the status of a Google Cloud partner, an organization must constantly expand its cloud competencies and confirm them in the certification process.

Google Cloud’s partner for Central and Eastern Europe is FOTC – a company with its headquarters in Wrocław and branches in Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. Since receiving the status of the official partner in 2014, the company has supported over 2,000 organizations from Poland and abroad in the effective implementation and use of Google cloud services through the selection of tools, planning and carrying out the migration, implementation of training, and ongoing training substantive and technical support.

Segments supported by a local Google Cloud partner.

Google Cloud creates solutions dedicated to specific industries so that every company can reach for practical cloud tools faster. FOTC specializes in implementing and servicing organizations from the following segments:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises,
  • educational organizations,
  • public and government institutions,
  • retail and e-commerce,
  • gaming,
  • organizations from the healthcare industry.

Small and medium companies

Businesses can dramatically improve the flow of communication with the Google Workspace suite of business applications. FOTC supports organizations in choosing the right package and proper implementation, taking into account the migration of existing documents or correspondence and training of employees and administrators.

Companies that build or develop their own technological products – websites, applications, corporate systems – will benefit from cooperation with a partner in the development of cloud architecture and migration of the current product. The cooperation will translate into a fuller and more conscious use of the possibilities of managed cloud services and thus faster application development.


The partner has knowledge of software in the cloud and physical equipment that can support remote lessons or be used as equipment for IT rooms. Chromebooks with Chrome OS help keep online education safe. All you need is a school Google account to access the Google Workspace for Education application or the Classroom platform. The Google Cloud Partner conducts hardware configuration and supports administrators and teachers in using cloud tools. 

Public and governmental institutions

Google Cloud services are periodically subject to independent audits verifying compliance with legal and security regulations. Documents and correspondence in the Google cloud will be safe – The drive has numerous security features, access management is easy to use, and the Gmail mailbox has built-in protection mechanisms against fraud. It is worth having a Google Cloud partner present at the implementation stage who will take care of the correct configuration of the environment.

Retail and e-commerce

The vast majority of sales now take place via the Internet, which is why many commercial companies decide to invest in new technologies. The services of Google Cloud Platform virtual machines ensure the scalability of the e-commerce website so that every guest is quickly received in the e-shop. The Google Cloud also offers ready-made services dedicated to e-shops – including the intelligent Recommendations AI recommendation engine, which analyzes user behaviour and serves a personalized offer in real-time.


A Google Cloud partner will support game developers in building a global infrastructure with the highest level of availability and minimal delay. Multiplayer game servers will ensure smooth gameplay and the appropriate selection of services with an SLA not lower than 99.99%. In addition, companies developing mobile games have Firebase platform services at their disposal, which can be extended with the possibilities of GCP and other Google products, including those dedicated to analyzing user behaviour or product monetization.


Enterprises from the medical industry and startups combining healthcare with technology can count on the partner’s support in selecting and correcting cloud services. Google Cloud offers solutions supporting employee cooperation thanks to Google Workspace tools. In the Google Cloud Platform portfolio, application developers will find ready-made artificial intelligence models that will allow, for example, to conduct an initial patient diagnosis before referring to the appropriate specialist. All Google Cloud services meet the requirements of the HIPAA law and the GDPR.

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