11 Chrome Extensions That Can Boost Your Productivity!

11 Chrome Extensions That Can Boost Your Productivity!

Chrome Extensions: Chrome is the most popular browser on the planet. It was so popular that it made Microsoft decide to completely rebuild its browser using Chromium, the open-source engine that runs Chrome.

Chrome has many advantages, such as its versatility and speed, but the one that stands out is its “extensibility.”

And that bears the scalability, us to add useful features to the browser and the web, a variety of “extensions.”

Customize your start page, help you enter text, autocorrect your grammar, and even extend it for tracker blocks while browsing.

If you haven’t used it yet, please try out the best Chrome extensions we’re about to introduce.


Let’s start by making the start page beautiful and convenient.

Momentum is one of the most popular Chrome extensions, and that should be it. With it, you can start your day with a new background image every day.

In addition, some modules can be added here and there. For example, motivational phrases, slogans, times, to-do lists, and so on.

But what I’m most happy about is that you can eliminate everything and display only the time and images (most of the staff at the LH editorial department in the US do).


Chrome is the gateway to the internet. However, the internet can also be an obstacle to your concentration. StayFocusd can help you in such a case.

You can use this extension to limit the amount of time you spend on your site. It’s like a web version of the iPhone’s “screen time” feature.

For example, if you set in advance StayFocusd, and spend 10 minutes a day on a site, such as Facebook, we automatically block the site.

For those who want to block the internet itself for a period of time, the ultimate weapon, “Nuclear Option,” is also available.


The debate about “which is the best free password manager” heats up every few years, mostly when there is a change in the pricing structure.

Bitwarden’s pricing hasn’t changed yet. And it’s still one of the most secure password managers with excellent free plans. There are also Chrome extensions available for free.

Bitwarden’s Chrome extension fulfills all your wishes. It saves your password and assists you in generating it.

There is even a function that automatically fills in the saved password the moment you open the page. It can be said that this convenient function alone is worth using Bitwarden.

(For settings, go to Settings> Options> Enable automatic input when loading pages, and check the box.)

Magical –Text Expander

The character input support tool is one of the best-hidden balls in the world, aiming to improve productivity. This feature allows you to grow a small snippet of text into a long, preset text.

For example, your home address, fixed phrases for replying to new customers, and even site links are displayed in one shot.

Character input support is also built into the Mac, but higher-performance third-party apps are generally quite expensive. In that respect, Magical –Text Expansion is completely free. In addition, no ads will be displayed.

Not only can you easily create and use shortcuts in Chrome, but you can also group related shortcuts. Don’t worry if you’re forgetful. You can use the search function to find the saved snippet quickly.

Zoom Scheduler

It’s a sad reality in the post-corona world, but Zoom meetings are no longer inevitable. And one day, you’ll have to organize your own Zoom meetings.

Zoom Scheduler can help you at that time.

This official extension can work with Google Calendar.

You can use it to schedule a Zoom meeting, and when you schedule a meeting in Google Calendar, a unique URL will also be created (Google Calendar natively supports Google Meet).

The created Zoom meeting URL is automatically sent to all participants along with the invitation email, so there is no hassle.

Weave Highlighter

Some people may want to highlight the interesting parts of a paper book or ebook with a marker.

So what about the web? What if you want to highlight, save, and annotate an online article for research or for later review?

Weave Highlighter makes that possible.

With this extension, the web pages or PDF highlight, you can annotate the highlight place.

Each page can be saved in a separate folder and collection. If you create an account, all the highlighted parts will be saved in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Weave Highlighter is available for free, ” want to use the sub-holder and storage unlimited, want to customize the colorfor people who also provides premium plan has been. For the average person, the free plan is more than enough.


Grammarly is one of the extensions that everyone, whether a professional writer or not, should install and is a popular English tool that will fix spelling and grammar mistakes.

Grammarly basically helps you write good sentences. Grammarly doesn’t miss small, trivial mistakes that you would normally cheat on while writing or proofreading an article.

Position and hit the comma, the words should be replaced, etc., for us advise Arekore. Grammarly can help you when you want to write nifty emails and social media posts.

Like some of the extensions listed in this article, Grammarly also has a premium version.

But for most people (even professional writers), the free version is more than enough (I’m writing this article using the free version now).


No one wants to save money, especially when it doesn’t take much effort.

Honey is an extension that automatically discovers and applies coupon codes for thousands of sites online. It will also tell you if the item you are about to buy is cheaper to buy on other sites.

In addition, there are Amazon-specific price comparison and price tracking tools and unique reward programs that can save you even more.


Tab suspenders are extensions that automatically save resources for sites you haven’t browsed.

As you may know, Chrome consumes a lot of memory. So dub suspenders, and to temporarily sleep state the sites that do not browse, also when they are needed, me re-read it I mean that.

After the catastrophe that The Great Suspender was removed from the Chrome Web Store as malware, it became hard to trust the tab suspenders (although when I went to the Chrome Web Store, Various dub suspenders were still on sale).

But not all hope has been lost. The veteran Tab Suspenders OneTab can be a reliable helper.

However, how to use OneTab is a little different. , Click the “OneTab” button when your browsing memory is running out.

Then all the tabs will be closed, and it will quickly turn into a list. The listed tabs can be reopened all at once or opened one by one.

If you really need an automatic tab suspender, try the secure The Great Suspender on GitHub.

Magic Actions for YouTube

The YouTube web experience certainly seems to be a little tweaked. Magic Actions for YouTube has a lot of features for that.

It is an integrated type that incorporates more than 10 various functions, and if you use it, YouTube will be much more comfortable to use.

To manage the quality of the video, you can set the details to be displayed on the page or turn off the comments section and related videos. In addition, there are various functions such as cinema mode, day mode/night mode, and color theme.

uBlock Origin

As you may know, Chrome is not the most privately protected browser on the planet. It allows the site to track users all over. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to do.

uBlock Origin is at the pinnacle of third-party extensions that block all types of online trackers. It uses several online repositories to block ad tracking and malicious trackers automatically.

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