Thumb Rules For Your Pro YouTube Channel

Thumb Rules For Your Pro YouTube Channel

It very much depends on what you are doing, but here are some rules of thumb.

Video Details:

Listen, I don’t care if it is an instant video. If your video is in portrait mode, please stop playing, stop all operations, stop recording the video and start again, because no one wants to watch 90% of the video screen is Huge, black nothingness.

The resolution should be at least 720p. I personally record at 1080p because I have the processing power and processing speed, but if you are a little lacking, 720p is also good.

The frame rate should usually be at least 20fps, but this depends largely on the content you want to produce. If it’s the gameplay, it must be at least 50fps and no less than 50fps.

If you just sit in front of the camera, talk as I see it, and then do some motion blur at 20fps, although no one will complain about higher things, it can be completely boiled down to the fact that you think the rendering time is worth the quality. In this case, I think it is not.

If you want to know how to achieve this goal, you can record at a higher quality/frame rate than necessary, and then render the video with the desired settings, I always have 1080p 60fps footage, but if I do this, it may end up The rendering effect at 720p 20fps is just uploading to Facebook and does not need to care about the quality, although usually, I render at the recorded speed, because again, I have enough power and speed to do this.

It doesn’t matter what editing software you use, Sony Vegas, Adobe, Windows Movie Maker

It’s really okay, as long as you get something that can do basic things… it can lead to my next point of view…


People seem to underestimate the usefulness of editing. Even the most basic editing may be the difference between watching the entire video and deciding that you just waste time and move on to the next channel.

I recommend watching LinusTechTips to get an idea of ​​how editing looks in terms of clips and text, and DigitalFoundry is another example.

If you just want to provide a comment, you can find this person: Spuddicus Maximus.

He is the most perfect editing format. Editing in its most basic form is enough to make people accept… Although his video is very long, at least not Repeat a lot…Speaking of


You would not believe that I have seen a video of someone talking about something on the camera, and these videos are just the number of times that they say the same thing ten different times. Yes, we heard it the first five times. Your voice does not need to be explained again, it is easy to understand the first time, please shut up!

When editing a video, please pay attention to moments like this. You have said something before, except when you think it is very important and people need to be aware of it.

Assuming the video is based on the link you provided in the description, you can prompt everyone to view the description at the end of the video, this is an exceptional example.

Now, since everything I want/have mentioned relates to this section, the title of this section is a bit broad, but it is also important that we understand the reasons that make things look good.

So far, we have established a good resolution and frame rate as the basis of visual representation. Of course, you may also want to have pictures or videos or other things instead of faces, and use screen recording software like OBS to capture if You try to present an article or other content. If your browser is not zoomed in enough, please use Sony Vegas to zoom in. Please note that for some people, it is more difficult to read the content in the video, so it is necessary to be very clear!

say clearly…


Do not use a potato microphone or microphone to blow air, I am here to listen to you, don’t chew!

Instead, this is what you did in this video

You are in an open room, everything is reverberating, and you are on the other side of the microphone, so it sounds terrible, the microphone itself may be good, but the settings prepared for this will only destroy its potential.


I… Frankly speaking, you’re not sure what the point of the channel is… I want to laugh?

Am I getting advice?

Comedy consulting?

I think this should be a cold and inspiring channel to provide comedic advice.

I may be the only one, but I really don’t think the channel has a point. This will keep subscribers looking back. Most channels use a certain theme, which makes it attractive to all users or at least most users.

I look at your videos and feel that they are very independent, maybe I am alone, but this is how I feel.

Criticism Of Your Content:

You clearly understand the basic principles of editing at a glance, so I won’t sneer about it (although you may want to better arrange your time, but you cut so suddenly that suddenly 

Going to the next clip, I thought the sound was messed up, but it’s okay .) Your microphone seems to be..OK, but that camera is another matter entirely, maybe you just messed up the lighting, Maybe you are just waiting for the cash to come in to buy the high-end camera that you are looking at. I don’t know…but what should I do? Know that when your thumbnail looks like I got something in photoshop to make it look static When it’s shit, it’s not right. (The moral of the story is to get a better camera or find a way to show things digitally.)

I also want to go to a better angle, raising the nose is not the quality I think should have, whether it is our sight level or higher, even when the camera is lower than the camera, I have never seen the following work effect A good face is usually level, but I still think it’s not very good.

It’s best to upload regularly, but don’t upload things because it meets the schedule. Please upload things because you want to present some high-quality content.

If I start playing seven videos every day, I will have nothing to do before the end of the weekend, and I will definitely need to take some planning.


I don’t know how to end this answer. Please note that you should only consider the suggestions I said. They are not clear answers to what you should do. The great thing about YouTube content creation is that you should be creative. You only need to consider certain specific things, regardless of what you want.

If someone thinks that I have provided some credible suggestions, please explain what went wrong, or if someone wants my idea, please ask in the comment section… In addition, before submitting this answer, I want to say something, It makes no sense to report me for this or that, unless I know what I did wrong, instead of reporting instead of trying to comment, I will never disable my comments section or block others/delete comments, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to tell me how I did it.

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