How To Predict The Future Of Drones?

How To Predict The Future Of Drones?

It’s hard to tell. Who knows, this technology is quite new and the government is trying to regulate it. But drones have a lot of potential.

The first thing they will change (and they have already done so) is TV and film production. Where you need to spend thousands of dollars to shoot in the air with a helicopter, now you can do cheap things with a drone. For example, suppose you are making a home movie and you need to shoot a beautiful waterfall. You can shoot from a place where everyone can see the waterfall, or you can use a drone to view the waterfall in an uncommon way, as shown below:

Another example where they have changed the rules of the game is real estate, especially commercial real estate and high-end houses. With aerial photography, you can better understand the size and location of a house or lot or any other place. This is an example:

UAVs are also being planned as the first response tool. In this case, the mobile defibrillator can be sent wherever it is needed.

Fundamentally, the same principles can be used for any content that needs to be delivered quickly.

Or medicine…

even pizza!

Today, drones are also used to investigate land, buildings, power transmission lines, railway lines, oil pipelines, and crops (in addition to modern drones, infrared cameras and other imaging equipment are also used to investigate the health of crops, Yamaha RMax Beginning in the 1990s, life in the 1980s has been used as a crop dust collector. In the near future, as the price of FLIR equipment becomes cheaper and cheaper, I suspect that drones will also play an important role in the security field. Search And rescue (at least the search part, and the deliverables until the rescue part) will also play an important role. Come in!).

Therefore, so far, the main uses are:

  1. Cheap aerial imagery (whether it is photos, video, infrared, ultraviolet, or other), or
  2. Transport a small amount of (currently) payload

As we saw in 2015, drones will become a major player with multiple uses in the future. As you mentioned, we have seen Amazon with delivery drones, but did you know that there are programmable drones for non-enterprise use? Take a look at this!

Any developer can easily go out and set up drone delivery services. This alone is really great. I can’t wait to see new startups have amazing uses in them.

In addition, we are likely to see other uses for drones that have never been thought of before. They are already used in agriculture-DJI announced the launch of a $15,000 agricultural drone for spraying crops

Drone racing has begun to become a sport. Just imagine, if the popularity of drones continues to rise, how popular will they be?

As mentioned earlier, these are just some of the uses of drones that will help us in the near future. I can’t wait to see the future! 

The future of drones is undoubtedly bright, because with the development of technology, drones will be able to perform more and more tasks, and innovative thinking brings more uses for the technology.

They will definitely be used for delivery to a certain extent and can be used more for display advertisements, waiters in certain restaurants, agriculture, fisheries, and actual construction. Drone racing as a sport may take off and become more and more popular. You can view an extensive and growing list of current drone use here. International UAV System

In the past few years, the development of drones has increased dramatically due to an active manufacturer community and the use of drones in various new applications. Aviation market research company Teal Group recently estimated that within ten years, the total global expenditure on the research, development, testing, and evaluation of drone technology will reach 91 billion U.S. dollars.

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