Will Curved Tv Be The Future Of Tv?

Will Curved Tv Be The Future Of Tv?

Yes, it can be the future of television. Consistent design and technological innovation have brought outstanding features of LED TVs, which will rapidly promote the development of the global arc TV market. A market study recently released by TMR shows that from 2013 to 2019, the CAGR has an average annual compound growth rate of 96.70%. By 2019, the market will be valued at US$8.4 billion.

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Because organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and light-emitting diode (LED) screen technologies are used in curved TVs, the image definition is not pixelated, which adds to the attributes of the TV technology. The curved TV has advanced features such as 3D compatibility, automatic depth enhancement, reflection reduction, ultra high definition (UHD) resolution, and high contrast. Last but not least, curved TVs are more economical in terms of energy consumption than flat-panel TVs.

Not so fast

The conclusion about whether curved TV is better still exists. However, they are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some benefits:

You will be more addicted to what you watch

You feel like you are experiencing a broader perspective

You feel like you are experiencing a broader perspective

You will see more clarity at the edges of the image

You can view photos from a wider perspective

Do you think the picture is more in-depth

You can enjoy richer contrast performance

If you already own a high-definition TV, then you don’t need to switch jobs because you won’t notice any significant differences. If you must have one, here is: the best-curved TV

Moreover, there are some disadvantages:

When viewed from the side, you will see geometric problems

When wall-mounted, you may feel that the curved screen looks a bit awkward

expensive. You need to spend more to buy a curved screen

You can learn more about the screen reflections of curved TVs

You need to sit in the right place to appreciate the advantages of curved TV (the best position is right in front of the TV). Think of it as theater-good seats, bad seats (both sides)

Curved TV is a fashionable product, it is the result of efforts to make flexible screens, and later product marketers regard it as a differentiated product. The TV business is not about selling you the best products, but about selling new products. TV suppliers have almost no time to make a profit on any TV design because this is a highly competitive market. Within months of releasing new Television models, price wars robbed any profit and can only sell high-end products without other products. model. Did they manage to extend those golden months?

The main problem with curved TVs is that they act as lenses, so any light sources in the room are focused inward, not any other flat-screen TVs. Curved TVs do not have any substantial advantages, in fact, they greatly reduce the viewing angle.

Yes, it can be the future of television. The innovative design and enhanced functions of curved TVs have led to an ever-increasing demand for these devices in the commercial and residential sectors. These TVs attract the attention of customers; as a result, advertisers use these TVs to display their products in various retail stores and exclusive showrooms.

The enhancements of the curved TV include surround view, automatic depth enhancer, uniform viewing distance, amazing true colors, and high resolution (Full HD and Ultra HD). In addition, the use of LED and OLED technology in curved TVs can ensure long service life, high energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and low operating costs. These features encourage customers to purchase curved TVs to improve the viewing experience. Currently, the number of manufacturers of curved TVs on the market is limited. However, during the forecast period, more participants are expected to enter the market. Leading manufacturers in the TV industry such as Toshiba, Panasonic, and Hisense Co., Ltd. are expected to add the curved TV market to their product portfolios.

Curved TVs are great and you will be more involved in what you see. The reason is that the curve can give your eyes a complete field of vision, and our eyes will unconsciously miss these parts (ie corners) instead of the core.

They have invested so much in curved TVs for a reason. Now, they even launched Curved PC.

I hope that there will not be almost always reflections on the TV like a curved TV. Flat-screen TVs can avoid this situation. For this reason, movie actors usually wear flat glasses instead of ordinary curved glasses in spectacle frames. I suspect that curved TV screens are a marketing tool.

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