What Are The Best Examples Of Techniques Used By Global Intelligence Agencies?

What Are The Best Examples Of Techniques Used By Global Intelligence Agencies?

Intel uses various tools for espionage activities. In addition, important information comes from global social media such as Facebook.

Yes, in terms of personal life invasion, FB is the largest data collector. They have an artificial facial recognition tool, such as DeepFace, which is developed using a special international algorithm.

Okay, now let’s introduce Intel’s real products:

Stingray: The most deadly weapon is known to everyone through Snowden’s leak and Assange’s revelation.

It is basically an IMSI watcher, which imitates a cell signal within a specified radius. All cell phones below the stingray radius were forced to connect to the stingray device for espionage.

Stingray’s abilities:

  • Extract IMSI and ESN detailed information.
  • Radio interference
  • Encryption keys (such as “public” and “private”) to unlock the encrypted file library.

And more…

CROSSBEAM: This is GSM communication. The interceptor can eavesdrop (during the call) the voice records of various mobile phones, and secretly record and send the data to the local analysis room of the NSA.

DROPOUTJEEP: This tool is specifically designed to listen to the iPhone. The iPhone under this Radar will receive a message that will automatically trigger the spy payload. After gaining access, all content in the iPhone is under the NSA closed loop.

MONKEYCALANDER: To obtain the exact geographic location of the phone. (If the phone is lost or a kidnapping occurs, this will be a very useful tool for us…right?)

TOTECHASER: Satellite phone tracker. (If you have this tool, we can minimize the attack vector during the 26/11 attack, because bcz terrorists are using THURAYA Inc.’s Satphone.) Totechaser also supports data leakage from Thuraya Phones.

PICASSO: A tool to capture location data, room audio, and other information using a simple Windows PC or over the phone. This means that the tool is super lightweight.

SCHOOLMONTANA: A tool for hijacking routers and configuration files.

DIETYBOUNCE: Designed for the expansion of Microsoft servers and Dell Poweredge servers. Affected by USB thumb drive infection. (Dony Worry)

HALLUXWATER: The creator of the permanent backdoor of the firewall. After downloading, the tool will look for the existing undiscovered vulva and seal it to make it permanent.

IRATEMONK: Yes, this is the enemy of ordinary people designed for home PCs. Affected by the requirement to upgrade the hard drive firmware to access the MBR (after purchasing the MBR, Boooom)

Exchange: For the PC, once again through the motherboard exploits, it will poison your PC even before the OS is loaded. (I think this is why it was named Swap)

there are more. This is a small part of the tools used by NSA in addition to Stingray.

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