The Best Books For Understanding Blockchains (And NFTs)

The Best Books For Understanding Blockchains (And NFTs)

There isn’t a time when you don’t come across an article or a post, or maybe a tweet, about Non-Fungible Token (NFT), cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blockchain. But what are we talking about when we talk about these things?

The discourses are complex and multiple levels because we speak of technology, but also of economy and society. They are revenue opportunities but they are also developments that will forever change the way we treat the decentralization of technologies and money. Or maybe they have already changed it because apparently, these new technologies are definitely a tangible reality of our time. Let’s see in the following books what we talk about.

Non-Fungible Tokens: Introductory Guide To NFT Digital Art Trading on The Blockchain

Let’s start immediately with the last topic, the hottest and most newsworthy one: Alessandro Mondelli in this quick and quick book explains what non-fungible tokens are, how they are used for the digital art trade, and in what relationship they are with the blockchain. Attention, you will have to have a knowledge of the underlying topics, which you can do with the following books, but we wanted to anticipate this because it is a bit the culmination of what is happening today in this area.

Non-Fungible Tokens: Introductory Guide to NFT Digital Art Trading on the Blockchain * – Kindle Edition (46 pages)

By Mondelli, Alessandro (Author)

Price: € 6.99 

Understanding Blockchain:

The guide In Italian to understand the technology behind Bitcoin and many other applications that will revolutionize the future of the Internet

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Let’s start with this book by Lorenzo Foti that explains what are the fundamentals to clarify the meaning of blockchain: what it is, what it does, how it works. The book is from three years ago but manages to touch on a series of topics and technological explanations that are still absolutely up to date. The most important thing, however, is simple: the blockchain is not bitcoin, in fact the opposite is true. Bitcoins are a possible use of the blockchain. The others are also explained here.

Understanding Blockchain: The guide in Italian to understand the technology behind Bitcoin and many other applications that will revolutionize the future of the Internet(72 pages)

By Foti, Lorenzo (Author)

Price: € 13.52

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Business Technology And Applications

This book by Gianluca Chiap, Jacopo Ranalli, and Raffaele Bianchi analyze a fundamental aspect of blockchains: their possible application for business. By dismantling a series of myths and revealing the inaccuracies that the press carries out on digital notarial registers, the book by the three authors explains what are the possible applications for business by referring not only to the big players in the economy but also to small and medium-sized enterprises. Italian. The aim is to provide a key for interpretation and application of this technology that is creating a totally decentralized world. What are the risks? And what are the opportunities?

Blockchain. Business Technology and Applications – Paperback (248 pages)

Di Chiap, Gianluca (Author), Ranalli, Jacopo (Author), Bianchi, Raffaele (Author)

Price: € 23.65

The Future of Value: Blockchain, Cryptoasset, and Decentralized Finance

This one by Pasquale Sorgentone is a kind of best seller in the sector. The book on the blockchain that addresses the aspects of crypto assets and decentralized finance has reached its second edition because it touches on the various cases of possible use, explaining the technology behind it and the implications that are often not yet understood or predicted. There are technical, economic, monetary, and financial policy facets, but also organizational, compliance, regulatory, political, and social facets. The book is huge and extremely complete, it touches on all the national and international aspects of the theme and allows to shed a light on the future of value.

The Future of Value: Blockchain, Cryptoasset, and Decentralized Finance

By Sorgentone, Pasquale (Author)

Price: € 41.39

From Zero To The Moon. The Blockchain: when, How, Why The World Is Changing

Gian Luca Comandini’s book is not a paperback. It is not a pamphlet. It is not a long newspaper article. Instead, it is one of the most complex and complete discussions on the blockchain phenomenon also from a historical point of view and explains its technological, economic, and social implications. Above all, the book also allows a novice to understand blockchain technology and all its theoretical and practical applications, discover the projects born in recent years, and have a real guide available to help him extricate himself in the maze of technological evolution. that we are experiencing.

From Zero to the Moon. The Blockchain: When, How, Why the World is Changing * – Paperback (222 pages)

By Comandini, Gian Luca (Author)

Price: € 20.90


Easily learn everything you need about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Decentralized Finance. Discover advantages, differences, myths, and applications in the world of Cryptocurrencies

The title is certainly screamed and Nathan Real’s book is complex even if short. But it is very complete. The author, an American professional trader, explains the functioning of digital ledgers in an easy and understandable way, with good examples, children of an American neopragmatism utilitarianism that helps to understand the structure and functioning of the system, with increasing difficulties. Especially oriented to the economic aspects, Real’s work is useful for those who want to trade online.

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