How Can Digital Technology Improve People’s Lives?

How Can Digital Technology Improve People’s Lives?

I don’t know you, but it is officially my favorite time of the year: autumn! The smell of autumn and the leaves began to change color. My family likes to pick apples and pumpkins in the orchard. However, an important reason is that this time of the year is our family’s favorite… “Are you ready to participate in a football game?” Yes, this is football season! My husband has coached football for ten years, and our boy participated in his first football season last year. From the high school team coached by my husband to our favorite NFL football team, they are all common topics of conversation. My youngest son has been begging to have his own fantasy football team, and he is only 11 years old.

Since I was young, the way we experience football has changed dramatically. I remember celebrating my birthday when I was a kid, and my family watched me opening a gift while playing a Cleveland Browns game in the background. You can only watch your local team, and you cannot choose to watch multiple matches on one screen in one country. Now, we can watch games on mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Technology is changing the rules of the game.

Now, we can replay it instantly and can challenge calls made on the spot. Players no longer need to view printed pictures or boards to view the game. In 2013, the NFL and Microsoft reached a five-year agreement to make Microsoft an official sideline technology. Part of this deal is to provide players with Microsoft Surface Tablets for use on the sidelines. Their standard tablet computers must be adjusted so that they can withstand the wear and tear on the football field in all kinds of weather.

The application they use allows them to view the photos in the game without waiting for them to print. The coach can zoom in and adjust the player while using the app. Like anything else, using a tablet can be a bit painful. Tablets are not suitable for a team, but their opponents can use the application and make game adjustments. A few years after they reached an agreement, they are still making improvements to meet the requirements of coaches and players so that they can get the skills they need whenever they need them.

This raises questions about how technology will improve in the future. Will assistive technology be used more in high school? Will the NFL allow video to be included during the game instead of only still images? Technology will continue to change the rules of the game, and I look forward to seeing the progress made.

How New Technologies Can Help Improve The Quality Of Life

When we looked at the field of technology in early 2016, I think the pace of innovation can be said to be impressive. Driverless cars, drones, connected houses, and 3D virtual reality have arrived, and today’s young people don’t even know the era without social media or mobile apps. To learn more about the technology and its advantages, please visit this article.

Because of technological innovation, we certainly live in exciting times. However, I want to consider innovation into three different categories. We can and should be excited about these three categories because each technology is impressive. One category includes technology ranging from fun to unconscious.

This includes technology that has no higher purpose-imagine a game mobile app like Angry Birds. Of course, by handing the iPad to children in the doctor’s waiting room, they can help their busy children, but this does not promote social development. The second category includes technologies that improve our lives but cannot solve our most pressing problems. Here, I will introduce innovations such as drones, Uber/Lyft transportation, social TV viewing, and advanced GPS technology. They make our lives easier, but without them, we can continue to live.

The third category is the most critical. I think this is a technology that we should be truly passionate and enthusiastic about. This technology is not only practical but also revolutionary. This is the technology that will solve the most serious diseases in the 21st century.

When you consider the quality of life and cutting-edge technologies such as connected sensors, smart textiles, and smart algorithms, what do you think of? During the Sirris web conference, see how several companies in different departments are using these new technologies to improve our lifestyle.

What Is The Quality Of Life?

“Quality of life” is a term used to describe the overall well-being of an individual or a group. It covers many characteristics, including physical and mental health, leisure and entertainment, social interaction, and the quality of the surrounding environment. With the emergence of certain new technologies, a large number of innovations have emerged. These innovations focus on improving and maintaining the quality of life

The tiny sensors in fitness trackers provide us with the insights we need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be more active.

Energy-efficient wireless communication tools can adapt electrical systems, lighting equipment, blinds, and everyday equipment to our changing environment.

Smart helmets and textiles make us safer and more visible in traffic.

The self-learning algorithm in the thermostat and ventilation system can automatically maintain the optimal temperature and air quality level without intervention and with the lowest maintenance cost.

Digital technology has improved, and you can ask this question to people from all over the world. You can get answers to any questions you encounter in just a few seconds, which was not a luxury before.

You can focus on the things you like when distributing the machines for your household miscellaneous items. You will know what to do when you do what you have always wanted to do but never know where to start.

When you get lost, you don’t have to rely on others. All you need to do is unplug the phone, then log the destination into the phone, and then arrive at the destination. With the click of a button, you can share your round-the-world travel with your friends and family. Well, all these reasons and more reasons make our lives easier.

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